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Beyond the Camp Perimeter

Lockley's team advances up to the outpost where the first shot was fired. They find Nutn's body, badly mangled and mauled by some creature. Bloody tracks lead back out into the snow and generally northward. Of note, they appear to be a four-footed animal with finer limbs than the huge snowy predators that had just attacked the rescue teams, with long, loping strides such as one might see in a lynx or bobcat.

Bishop finishes the dirty work of killing the last of the hexapods. Meanwhile, Kincaid works his way up the snowy hill and finds Bethany, shaken but unharmed, behind one of the tall stone pillars.

Major Thorsson

After being reassured that Findy is alright, the Major can't help but chuckle at her cheerful attitude and quip. "Yes, I suppose you should get back to making sure we'll all be on a boat," she observes. "I should check on Dr. Jenkins and the others."

Captain Micheal Wantanabe
Lieutenant James Lockley

"Ranger one actual, this is Ranger two." Lockley said as the others created a 360 degree parimiter around the body.

"This is Ranger one" came the reply.

"One man down," Lockley keyed in grabing for the dog tags, "Airman Nutn was attacked and malled. Request medics to bring the body back."

"Is perimeter secure?"

"Roger Ranger one."

"Affirmitive. I will send a medic team too you. Contiue to secure perimeter." the captain replied.

"Roger, Ranger two out." Lockley finished then directing his team, "You from 3-11, you from 11 -7, I'll take 7 -to 3 o'clock."

The three spread out and faced away from the body. The blood and meat had already started to freeze thankfully keeping the smell down. They waited and watched for something to come out.

Captain Micheal Wantanabe

"All units report contact and status," Micheal all calls on the radio.

Major Thorsson

Eileen, hearing the Captain's radio call, unsnaps her radio and keys the mike.
"Major Thorsson, OK. MacLean, OK. Lt. Kincaid, OK. Kincaid is checking on Dr. Jenkins."

Williams and Forsythe once again form up next to Sergeant Bishop. Williams cocks his head to the side and asks, "Which way, boss?" as he trains his sight up toward the outpost where Lockley's team is investigating.

Bethany doesn't respond instantly, instead still clinging to the stone like it's a source of protection or strength. Eileen and Findy join Kincaid, with safety in numbers being an unspoken tenet in this strange winter wilderness.

Lockley is moving steadily away from the outpost, trudging southeast through the snow, when there is a shout from his left. "Sir, target acquired!" His wingman has the sights of his rifle trained up to the treeline about two hundred yards north of the outpost.

Findy MacLean

With her attention on matters of survival and salvage, this is Findy's first close encounter with the ring of stones, and she looks at them with interest-- enough interest as to only pay marginal attention to her surroundings at the moment. She approaches a stone at random (not the one Bethany clings to), and runs a hand lightly over the carved writings.

Bishop kneels spending a moment looking at the creature, snapping out of it when Williams asks his question. He looks at the airman, and following his line of sight to the outpost nods. "There's as good a place as any." He says rising to his knees before he begins moving towards the outpost. "Be cautious." he adds brushing the first few branches out of the way before readying his rifle again. He shakes his head to himself as he wonders about the wisdom of not collecting a radio on his way out of the camp.

Kincaid looks around at the stones as he moves through them looking for the doctor. He traces several of the symbols he recognizes from studying Ancient and Asgard tech, so that he will remember them for later. Not taking his eyes off the puzzle, he loves puzzles, he calls again, "Doctor.... it's over. If you're hurt please say something so I can get you some help."

Lt James Lockley

"Identify your target, fire if it is a threat." Lt Lockley replies to the report covering his sector of fire, "Bishop, this is Lockley, move forward to our position."

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