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Originally Posted by Zell View Post
Has anyone tried Black Desert Online? Anything positive worth mentioning? (besides how pretty it looks)

I gave it a go awhile back, by cheating the localization system using a VPN and it was sort of impossible to play with high latency/ping.

What little I do remember, was that the game felt *on rails* like literally, you pressed 1 key and the character would follow pathway waypoints automatically between point A and point B from your typical fetch quests.

Maybe its gotten better? I am asking, because its finally getting servers down where I live, so I am thinking on give it another go maybe.
I played BDO for about 6 months from global release.
My thoughts.
I absolutely loved my time with it. Well the start anyway. My happiness didn't last though. It was everything I wanted from an MMO. It's a beautiful game to look at. Classes are all very different and quite balanced. The storyline is okay but who's after a storyline in an MMO? I love grinding for items which this game is. Basically grindfest101. Leveling to 50, the first stage can be done very quickly once youve done it a few times. But levelling take longer and longer as each level goes. It can take the same time to get from 1-50 as it does 50-51. Theres no max level, no one has reached it yet! Gameplay is amazing. All combat is combo based, blending one attack into another
The first thing that turned me off though was the amount I was playing it. I mean, I never turned the game off. It was always open! For 6 months I didn't turn my PC off. This was due to the extra activities you do. Essentially required to do. You improve one state by walking. So I would set an auto path and my witch would walk all night. Or I would go fishing and let my sorcerer fish for a few hours before returning to sell it all. Another state is increased by carrying things. More auto-path walking.
Then, the grinding got to me... I mean 24 real world hours for one ear ring to drop. I needed two. 48 hours. Then I got a quest... Which awarded me an ear ring exactly the same as the one I had farmed....

To be honest, I let the demands of the game get to me.
It's super cheap! Give it a go and my advice for ALL games these days is to play it how you want to play it. Don't farm if you don't want to, screw fishing if thats not your thing!

I played WoW for 8 years, BDO lasted 6 months.

Originally Posted by Mechanism View Post
Yup. What's the Clan tag?
mythweavers; all one word and lowercase. Wanted to make it easy to find.


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