Welcome to Second Chance! A Foreword

Hi! Welcome to Second Chance!

So this seems to be just another D&D 5e game, right?

Well....not quite. This time around, there is a twist regarding your characters. This game's concept for the player characters is going to be similar to Deltarune. You, the player, are playing as a person who just died and got themselves a new body in a new world. But the thing is, that body, is still alive and was living their life before you came along, and took control of their body. (*coughBasicallyPossession!cough*) So, you will not just be learning about the world around you, but also learning about the person you are controlling, and possibly deal with the consequences of their actions.

Since that is the case, this means that you will be rolling the dice for your character sheet. Depending on the level you choose (yes, you can choose what level you want your character to start at when they appeared in Veridia), you may roll more or less than others. You have four choices: Commoner, Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3. The game itself will start with you guys at Level 3.

With Commoner, you can choose your background, class and subclass.
Level 1: You can choose your class and subclass
Level 2: You can choose your subclass
Level 3: You have to roll for everything for your character sheet.

Other than that, I believe that's all for the foreword. So, yeah! I look forward to seeing you, and I hope you'll take a chance and roll the dice!