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Disgaea 5 in Pathfinder form, second attempt

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Disgaea 5 in Pathfinder form, second attempt

Alliance of Vengeance - Forum

So, last time I started an ad for this, my infamous heath conditions took a turn for the worse immediately afterwards, so I had to take an extended hiatus from this website while the ad was still going: predictably, that led to the game garnering virtually zero attention and dying a quiet death. However, I've noticed that a lot of people showed interest in the concept while I was away, so yeah, since the old ad is dead I figured I'd start a new one.

The title pretty much says everything: it's going to be Disgaea 5, but with your characters replacing three of the main protagonists and forging their own story. The game's forum is chock full of info that will bring you up to speed with the game's goals, tone and setting, and help you create a fitting and interesting character, so please by all means do check all the stuff I've written out. It's a ton, but I promise it will be a worthy read.

If I don't die again in the interim, the game will start on sunday, june the 23rd. I'm looking for only three people, here's hoping we'll get some interesting character submissions. As a side note, I know my shaky health might discourage many of you from committing to a game whose host might figuratively (and perhaps even literally) die with little notice, but please don't let that discourage you: I've always been proud of my ability to always create the best possible experience for my players, pouring my hart into giving them games to remember. That won't change because of something as pesky as an incurable genetic disorder.

... Wow, that ended up sounding a lot darker than I originally intended. So uh... Join the game I guess?

Game Description:

A game based on what may very well be my favorite installment in the Disgaea series (after the original one, of course).

My lung condition is getting worse. I'll try my hardest to not die on you guys, but at this point I make no promises. For all it's worth, when making posts and interacting with people I'll endeavor to act normally, I'll thank you to do the same.
Bumping for attention. Look, I'll be the first to admit this isn't much of an ad (the original version was doing a much better job at catching people's attention, before getting closed), but this is still a game concept I put a lot of effort into, so I would really hate to see said effort go to waste just because I got unlucky with my health right in the middle of the original recruitment phase. Again, the forum has all the info you need in order to get an idea of what the game's gonna be all about, so if you have the time, and you feel like building some crazy powerful concept with Spheres of Power/Might, do consider dropping by

Posting interest, seems like a plot I'd like to dive in. Also been looking for a chance to play with spheres, will make an app later!

Also yay to the special abilities for PCs (and enemies)!

Glad to see this getting some attention at last. If you like customization, then between Paizo systems, Spheres systems and systems I created specifically to recreate the Disgaea feeling, there's gonna be a lot of option for you

Reminder: applications for this close next sunday! I might keep it going a bit more if people still need time to finish their apps and/or join late.

I've extended the deadline by another week. Here's hoping this will help with your creations!

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