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In which ToT starts yet another anime-based game

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In which ToT starts yet another anime-based game

Testament of the Demon King - Forum

So, as you might know by now, my health conditions are not the best. As you might know, there have been a couple of times this year when I've seriously feared that I might die, and those times aren't exactly behind me either. And as you might know, for now I continue to cling to life... And what better way to celebrate life, than to mix the two passions that give spice to my life, and create yet another mix of anime tropes and Pathfinder gameplay to share with all of you? Who knows, maybe I won't die after all, and we'll actually manage to see this game through!

So I say, but between real life commitments and the aforementioned health issues, I cannot exactly afford to embark in some grand, ground-breaking game with a million players: I need something small an cozy, with a simple flow and a straightforward plot, for to players at most. Something that can feel fun and refreshing, not another source of stress.
So I thought very hard about it, and eventually I settled on a very basic, linear plot, inspired by the notorious manga Sister Devil Sto-

Look, I know what you're thinking: Sister Devil Storm is smut. Most people see it as the worst kind of smut, the kinda-like-porn-except-not-really-because-depicting-genitals-is-illegal-in-Japan kind of deal which is content with throwing boobs at literally every scene, and gives all manga fans a bad reputation. And honestly? Yeah, that's pretty much what it is, I won't try to defend it nor to deny its obvious issues: that's not what this topic is about. This topic is about imploring you to look past said issue (not easy, admittedly) and see the good stuff that the plot, what little of it there is, has to offer, so that we can work together to make a compelling game out of it. This can be accomplished by looking at main heroine Mio Naruse's two most prominent characteristics.

NO NOT THOSE. Stay with me, I swear I have a point to make here.
So first of all, Mio is not an ordinary girl: she's the spawn of evil, she's the daughter of Demon King Wilbert, and the heiress to his super duper evil god powers. Kinda like being the son of Asmodeus, except Wilbert is fully malevolent and is actively trying to overthrow and wipe out humanity. Mio is literally set to one day inherit his powers, she will soon be the unstoppable avatar of evil he is.
But then there is her second characteristic: she's not evil herself. She's never done anything evil, not even once in her entire life, and in fact she's been raised as a perfectly normal teen-aged human student, attending a perfectly normal high school in Tokyo, Japan. For all intents and purposes, and for all the evil powers she's set to inherit, this girl is just that, a girl.

And then her father dies. And while this does result in her inheriting does powers, nothing about her changes, she's still the perfectly normal, kindhearted, not at all evil human girl she was before. So when assassins sent by those who would usurp her father's throne come for her, what is a Lawful Good hero of justice supposed to do? Should they abandon an innocent girl to be horribly murdered? Or should they protect her, even knowing full well that doing so means literally consorting with demons and potentially falling?

I find this dilemma to be cleverly set up and, dare I say, really thought-provoking, ESPECIALLY when it comes to Pathfinder given that, in its very nature, it challenges the one aspect of Pathfinder I like the least, that being the alignment system. Actions that are always good, and entire races that are always evil: I find such a system to be ridiculous in its oversimplified back-and-white view, so here's a game in which doing the objectively good thing requires you to side with the evil race, potentially facing the consequences should you get too, ahem, friendly with Mio.
I think this set-up has the potential to be intriguing. If you too are intrigued, then please consider giving this game a chance! The forum has all the info you need in order to submit a character: I'm looking for two players, and the application process will run until sunday, june the 23rd (might close them sooner depending on how many apps we get).

Is it possible to take a product whose sole appeal is boobs, remove the boobs, and make a quality story out of it? I believe it is, considering that the premise is a lot better than one would think at first glance. If you feel the same, then join us.

Game Description:

Hey, perhaps I won't die and we'll actually manage to see this game through.

My lung condition is getting worse. I'll try my hardest to not die on you guys, but at this point I make no promises. For all it's worth, when making posts and interacting with people I'll endeavor to act normally, I'll thank you to do the same.
Color me intrigued. I have never really looked into said anime, given the reputation that you have mentioned. I mean a little ecchi can be a fun amusing thing if it doesnt become the entire focus of the show. Will wander my way over into the forum and look around.

Goddamnit, I wish I had time, but I'm just on the edge of overcommitted right now, at least for the moment...

Cool concept tho

So, we got a few nice apps already, but of course more are always welcome. Something I feel I should clarify, since it came up in the game's forum: this game WILL tackle the deepest and most serious aspects of the premise, and it will NOT shy away from its implications no matter how horrifying. That said, this is still going to be a comedic game that will run mainly on slice-of-life and harem tropes: you shouldn't expect any major angst to go down.

Reminder: applications for this close next sunday! I might keep it going a bit more if people still need time to finish their apps and/or join late.

This looks way more fun than it has any right to be. I will make something for this soon

I've extended the deadline by another week. Here's hoping this will help with your creations!

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