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Cyberpunk Noir

Cyberpunk Noir - Forum

"Silverhand? Why would I want to listen to that old dad rock, I want angry music I just pick some low subs guys off the Net. Beside if Silverhand wants to be cool he should be like that actor from those Wick movies..."

Imagine a world almost like ours but the people were just a little less caring, giving away more power to the greedy and corrupt. Until the corporations just donít even pretend not to have an influence on the government of the day, the Mega Corporations act as there own counties in all but name.

Thanks to this the air and water is a little less clean but technology is more advanced than our own, the sites we know exists in the vast consensual hallucination of the Net and itís Augmentative Reality equivalent mapping on the real world. And thanks to a few more wars, some much closer to home, medical technology especially cyberwear, to the point that itís now it can be considered a fashion choice.

And despite people being more accepting of each other choices, communities are more divided as ever. And between the cracks rebels and outcast work outside the system, doing there bit for others as they do the jobs that the police and corporation canít or wonít handle themselves.

The World

The world of Cyberpunk we'll be using is the same as the one that's presented in the book, but with a few tweaks to make it fit better with the world we live in now. The world isn't quite the same as it was predicted back then, whilst the climate is in a mess, the US hasn't become a blasted wasteland resembling the dustbowl of past. In the same vein, the modern cities of Cyberpunk haven't burnt out wrecks where people risk life and limbs just going down the local bodega. Gangs exist obviously, but they're not the ultraviolent Boostergangs of the original setting.

Technology wise Cyberpunk and most media missed how prevalent cell phones and other mobile devices would come to dominate the modern world. And really they're just super useful for characters to have, so to the world we'll be adding such technologies and adjusting the world on how they've changed the world around them. So, for instance, the Dataterm's don't exist as physical objects, instead, it's an app that streams important news, sports and gossip to your cell.

And finally, we live in the time the game is set (almost) and it's just easier to allow people, and myself, to refer to people and brands that exist in the real world.

  • Modern technologies, cell phones, tablets and modern computers exist alongside the other Cyberpunk technologies. Things that don't quite fit this will be subtly altered to fit eg Dataterm is an app that feeds news to your cell or your eye if you have Time Square Marque.
  • Crime is more like the modern world, there are still gangs and violence, but Night City isn't a hellhole of murder.
  • Modern pop culture exists alongside that of the setting, so Johnny Silverhand charts alongside Ariana Grande.

Neon Noir

(Nessly Falling Down cover art)
A genre of crime film or fiction characterized by cynicism, fatalism, and moral ambiguity.

Noir stories are by there nature small stories, of shades of grey characters that do good things in an uncaring world. Neon Noir is this but lit by the neon glow of the modern city, the most obvious example of this is Blade Runner.

To make characters to inhabit it world it necessary to tone down some of the more extreme nature of the Cyberpunk setting. So to tone thing down a little some things will be some limits to the character. Rather than being armored to the gill and packing massive heavy weapons, characters will be limited to nothing more dangerous than maybe a shotgun and wearing nothing heavier than a light armored jacket. Luckily for the characters will be facing similarly armored foes, unless you upset the wrong corporation or criminal organisation.

The characters will be independent operators working for an agency, Pondsmith Solutions, mostly for private investigation but occasionally you'll do something that pushes the boundires of legality.

In terms of another game it's a Brown Business Suit type of game.
  • Weapons limited to pistols and shotgun only.
  • No body armor heavier than a Light Armored jacket.

Character Creation

Tony Skeor
We will be using the Character creation rules as written in the 2020 book, with alterations as listed here. Things from other Cyberpunk books will be handled on a case by case basis, please feel free to ask but also keep in mind the limits I've put in place to suit the mood. I also want to encourage a netrunner character, but to do so we'll be using a very heavily modified version of the rules.

Submitted characters should have there own thread in the folder here, if you have any questions about anything to do with the game please feel free to ask.
  • Character creation rulses can be found here.
  • Character to be created here.

* I'm looking for 4-6 player for the game, closing date is about four week from today on the 23rd July. *

"We do the same thing we've always done. We make a better world." - Power Girl
Been a while since I looked through the 2020 book. Didn't realize how expensive cyberlimbs would be here. I'll need to find some different character art but I should have someone up in a day or two. I'm thinking a Solo or a Nomad.

EDIT: IS there anywhere specific you want us to put Lifepath info? I'm not seeing a spot for it on the provided app format.

Put the Lifepath below the sheet, it's the only place with lots of rolls and some such (if you choose) so feel free to lay things out how you wish.

I had an unexpectedly busy week, but yes we're still accepting.

Just about a week to go, so a final call if this is your thing!

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