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Book of Mis-spells

Hallucinatory Tea Rain: Causes a light brown rain to appear to be falling in a 15' radius per caster level. Caster can decide if it is sweet, unsweetened, or raspberry flavored.

Fool's gold.

Fool's Geld: castrates the character with lowest Int + Wis combined modifier

Inflict Minor Wounds

Inflate Minor Wounds--causes all cuts, scratches, and bruises to swell up as though infected, doing 1d6 Dex damage to a wounded character.

Time Stop.

Time Stamp: For the duration of this spell, all actions taken within the area of effect are recorded on a blank piece of paper, parchment, or other writing surface (provided by the caster as a required material focus) with notations as to the time the actions were performed, accurate down to one-tenth of a second.

Vitriolic Sphere

Vitriolic Smear: Creates an emerald smear on target area with radius 5 feet per caster level. Creatures entering area take 1d4 acid damage per caster level.

Summon Monster V

Summon the Master, Five: The Master appears and tries to marry five targets of the Master's choice.

Limited Wish

Limitless Fish: Fish constantly fall from the sky all around you every hour of every minute of every day, forever.


Evards Menacing Testicles: summons Evards testicles for 1d4 round and they begin to intimidate everyone one a30 foot radius.


Flare: Target begins to dance.

Mark of Justice

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