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If seriously asked. You start out free. Start out with Mage. Play all the Tutorial stuff. Play against the InnKeeper. See if you like it. Can play in Ranks 50 to 25 where only newer players can play. Do your Quests daily. If still like it. There is like a $5 beginner bundle. I'd definitely get in slow and cheap and not pay $ for quite some time to make sure you like it. After time. ... whatever fits your budget.

I just started 3-4 weeks ago and have been fighting tooth and nail to get to rank 20. I went with Priest as my #1 choice, then Hunter. Hard to believe but I’m limping a Paladin to my rank 20 chest then throwing the towel in until reset.

Money wise, I bought the $5 starter pack and the $10 bundle pack (15 packs), and I will probably continue to buy the specials and nothing else.

Hang in there. Play what you like. No one gets real life medals or Nobel prizes for Ranks. Streamers got hours and hours to Rank up. It's a hobby Game for fun, not an identity or measure of self worth. (All things i, in vain at times, try to keep in mind)

Took me about 5 games to get my first win the new Tavern Brawl. I'd recommend the one Paladin option. They are all silly good. It's, I think, the silliest.

The new tavern brawl is quite fun I must say. To get to play as the foes we once fought against in Kobolds and Witchwood is a nice touch.

Did Paladin a few times but had bad draw/did not understand the reward mechanics.

Still playing around with it

Paladin, Fallen dude, and the one that gives all your minions deathrattle of deal random dmg to a foe. Cheap 1,1 dudes a plenty. Divine shield for all your dudes at times. Prosper.

Time to start saving gold for Wings (will be 700g each) of new Heist Adventure to start Thursday May 16.
First Wing will be free.
Regis kilbin got a chance to playtest and said it was very well done. And, if you like Solo Content in HS, probably will like it. He thought was best Solo Content so far. (Seemed they listen to input on some of the prior Solo stuff.)


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