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Azhmodai's Art Thread

I wasn't happy with my original Taurus so I made an alternate version, along with some Cthulhu and holiday themed pics.

I'm also working on a major project: a Lovecraftian tarot. Probably just the major arcana, but who knows?

New designs available and everything at my Teepublic store is 25% percent off with code GIVEME25!

If you're inclined to purchase something as a Christmas gift, order deadlines are December 14 for domestic US delivery and December 5 for international delivery. Happy holidays!

Monochromatic versions of recent designs, because not everyone is into that whole color thing.

Lots of new and updated art for the new year! And everything at my Neatoshop store is on sale all week long! Shirts, hoodies, posters and more up to 20% off until January 14th!


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