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Myth Weavers' Milestones


@TheRoot, Congrats! Come join the club and post a useless factoid or three.

My Savage Tide game just hit Level 14-- from chapter 1 all the way to chapter 7 so far.

Originally Posted by mildly_competent View Post
My Savage Tide game just hit Level 14-- from chapter 1 all the way to chapter 7 so far.
Now that is a milestone worthy of notice! Congrats!

Originally Posted by TheRoot View Post
Now that is a milestone worthy of notice! Congrats!
@mildly_competent ^^THIS!!^^

That's one hell of a milestone! Congrats!!

@mildly_competent so, the rumors were true. Games that last that long do exist... Congrats!

Thanks, y'all! We've been going since 2012. We're coming up on 7 years, and it's been a wild ride. I'm hopeful that we'll be able to make it all the way through to the end!

I've seen other games that go a long way. One bored night I was poking around in the gaming history of people with the highest post counts. I discovered that @FearlessFreddy has had played in some really long-running adventure paths, including at least one Savage Tide game that made it to chapter 5. And he made it to the end of The Red Hand of Doom! So it can be done! I think it takes a special mix of luck and tenacity.

EDIT: It turns out I'm a complete dummy. FearlessFreddy PLAYED in those games. The DMs were actually @TwilightKing and @ericpay. Apologies!

Thanks and congratulations @mildly_competent

Looks like I some some catching up to do

We've kind of slowed at the end of Tides of Dread, but hoping to get back into regular posting soon with The Lightless Depths! I'll be watching your game with great interest.

@TwilightKing , I thought that the story threads really started to come together well in The Lightless Depths (as well as near the end of Tides of Dread). I hope that the game picks up and you all sail to victory!

Since I got interested, some other long-running games I happened upon... (Went to Member List, sorted by "Join Date", and looked at 12 of the "oldest" members and their gaming history).

@Michael had a Three Eberron games that appear to have lasted for ~4 years. Unsure of what levels they got to. But I've gotta say-- I'm jealous of all that Eberron success.

Looks like @dauphinous ran a WoD game that lasted around 3 years and seemed to have a lot of in-game activity. But I'm not familiar with the system, so I can't really tell how far they advanced.

A combo of @ShadowBright, @Naturax, and @perilous pink ran a game in Eberron (unsure on the system) from '08 to '15! Solid seven-year run.

I think the most reasonable take-away from this small sample is that there should really be more Eberron games ont he site. Best way to assure a long-running game. Seriously. Everyone go start an Eberron game. I mean it.

More seriously-- is there an easy way to systematically compile a list of games by length of time run? Like, take the earliest post in the game forum compared to the latest post in the same forum? I'm sure there would be a lot of false-positives where the game itself has mostly stopped and people are just chatting in the OOC. But it might be neat for users to see some of the longest / most successful games somehow. (It might also bring unwanted attention on GMs...


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