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Just Another Reincarnated In Another World Game...?

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Just Another Reincarnated In Another World Game...?

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Hello! I hope you'll take a chance and roll the dice with this game. ^_^

I don't have much to add onto the description of the game other than the deadline for applications.

The Deadline shall be June 28th.

Game Description:

You never expected it to end like this...

You were just living your normal life. Going to work, checking your emails, paying the bills, and so on and so forth. But it all suddenly comes to an end.

Somehow, someway...You, a normal human being on the planet Earth, just died.

No matter what your beliefs were, you did not wake up to find yourself in an afterlife or just darkness. Instead, you wake up in a strange room. The room is simple in design, but there are strange items in the room that catch your attention. There is a strange pedestal where shapes made of light hover above the stone, cabinets filled with figurines of strange people, and a table with landscapes that seem to be moving on its own. There is only one other person in this room with you. You cannot see their face, nor any of their features beyond the navy blue cloak around their person. Every time you try to look, you only see stars, galaxies, and nebula amongst the pitch black of night.

The figure turns to look at you, if the opening of the hood served as any indication, and they comment, their voice intrigued,

“….Fascinating. I did not expect wayward souls to end up here, in my humble abode,”

The voice sounded like a young man’s voice, vibrant and full of life, and yet pensive as they whispered. Any questions you voice seem to be ignored by this figure as they look back towards the table, almost distractedly and in thought.

The figure does not speak until they voice out loud, the voice now belonging to an old woman’s “Perhaps…you may just be what Veridia needs right now…”

The figure turns to face you once more and they offer, their voice now a booming, thunderous voice, “I have a proposal for you. I can give you a body, a second chance at life, and you can live it in the world of Veridia. There is only one thing I ask for in return,”

You think you see this figure grin, their voice switching to a young woman’s coy voice, “Make your story an interesting one,”

Family will be coming over this week. Won't be able to post as much during this time. Sorry.
Yes, there will be a Question Section in my game, as well as an OOC chat room. ^_^

Very interesting! I admit that the isekai genre is somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine. Color me intrigued!

I actually have been prototyping a character as a sort of fiction suit to dabble with and this type of campaign showed up? Seriously, this is golden. Can I join?

This sounds really cool! I'd love to be a part of this. I'm new to the website (and PbP in general) and I was wondering how I might apply for this?

Ah wait, I think I got it! I just go to the page, click join game, and send an application right? In that case what are you looking for in an application?

@Cytonus you actually go to the link that says “forum” and create a new thread in the appropriate sub-forum. It should be labeled.


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