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The Ethereal Chat Room

Same, not really paying that much attention to the crowd but to his/her own personal spot of WTFBBQ!?

Originally Posted by Eagleheart View Post
well, so much for getting everyone's attention...
Hey, Alisonís all over your character Eagleheart. Especially if you have the WiFi password. And her phone.

@zpolloock @Guardian Angel Haruki

Since Hadiyah is a noble, I started implying that others in the tavern would know her. Even guards with her for protection.

Should I avoid any interactions with them? Did you guys want to develop them into NPCs? Should I write for them?

All right, just need to clear a thing up for myself: are we all aware of everything happening in both threads at current and need to react to it?

You're all aware of what's happening in both threads, since all of you are in the same tavern. As people from one table have posted in another table already, you're welcome to post in either thread.


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