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Dungeons & Dragons 5e

I'm looking for 4-6 people.

The deadline for selection is next Wednesday, which is July 24th.

Game Description:

Campaign PitchYou are a group of young adventurers who have--for various reasons--found themselves in Iska, a small town in an out of the way part of Ghazaria. It has been fairly boring there so far, you have found a place to stay, some work, and a few friends but you are eager to set out and make a name for yourself. Or at least get into a little bit of trouble.

Recently you've all heard the call of the Mariner's Guild, whether from townsfolk, posters, or various other agents of the guild. The Mariner's Guild is looking for adventurers to explore and clear the Isle of the Abbey in order for them to build a lighthouse. The call asked you to report to Major Ursa at the Lighthouse Temple of Manmaclir, which is about 4 hours sail away from town.

This will be a fairly stationary campaign. Most of the campaign will take place in or around a small town (pop. ~1000) called Iska.

The first adventure is an old 2e adventure converted to 5e (originally by me and then adapted from the official 5e adventure) called Isle of the Abbey and then we will have a mixture of homebrew adventures, stolen ideas, and published pieces.

Heads Upa. Rules changes and homebrew which might not be perfectly balanced, but I try to be fair and consistent.
b. Story before rules, most of the time.
c. Some but little hand holding. I will give you hooks but you should set your own goals. Anything's possible, but you have to be clever.
d. Grit, gore, and intrigue. Things might get grim but they shouldn't ever get too hopeless. Adult themes should be and will be handled in a respectful manner.
e. Being a Team. I very much prefer cooperation to a group being (unironically) at odds. Losing an hour to an argument about what to do next is no fun. Follow the leader or vote! Have a way to make decisions.

Character CreationAll published materials are allowed including Unearthed Arcana.

Races. Humans are the main race of the land, but dwarves, elves, gnomes, half-elves, and halflings are all fairly common. Any other races would be super rare and DM permission with a good backstory are required.

Abilities. Use the 27 point buy system.

Level. We will start at level 3.

Classes. In your background information please include the who, where, and when of your class training.

Magic. Magic is extremely rare. It isn't outlawed but it is highly mistrusted and considered very dangerous. Most people have never seen a spell cast and most towns don't have anyone who can cast spells at all. In fact, there is a great deal of prejudice against magic users. To the point where kids who display any kind of magical power are often kicked from their homes or killed. Therefore, most taught magics are passed from a master to an apprentice. Divine casters are quickly shuffled within their orders away from the general populace to be given more responsibility and power. Races with racial spells have learned not to cast them in areas with large human populations even though many humans know that certain races still use magic. It is has become an unspoken norm.
Magical Feats. Because of the nature of the magic there are some changes to feats.
1) Banned Feats. Magic Initiate, Spell Sniper, and War Caster are banned.
2) New Feat.
a) Hidden Casting. Over time spell casters have learn to hide the casting of their spells from the prejudiced eyes of those around them. As such, you can forgo the verbal and somatic components of spells to cast them, but whenever you do there is a chance that something goes wrong. Whenever you use this ability to cast a spell you need to pass an Arcana check or roll on the Wild Magic table. The DC for this check is 10 + the spell's level.

Backgrounds. Most backgrounds are good to go. There might be some slight fluff changes but no mechanical changes.

Multiclassing. Multiclassing is not a given. If you want to multiclass you need to talk with the DM and we need to figure out a way to have it make sense within the game.

Feats. Feats are good to go, with the exception of the ones mentioned above under Magic. In addition, at character creation you can select one free skill feat from the UA: Feats for Skills.

Town Connection. You need to have some connection to the town. You could have been born there and lived your whole life, or went to join a monastery and are back, or have a relative there, or something. What is the reason that you are there?

Your character lives here and is a part of the community.
i. What does he or she do for work?
ii. Where does he or she live?
iii. What does he or she do for fun? Past times? Things like that.
iv. What deity does your character worship?

What is your character's goal in life? What is their dream? Or something they would like to do.

EquipmentYou have the starting equipment for your class and background.

Magic items are super rare and therefore finding them for sell will be extremely difficult. As for selling them (if you get some) is up to you.

I won't be giving out much in the way of magic items, but I will be giving out a good amount of consumable magic items (for example potions, oils, scrolls).

Masterwork weapons and armor which give a +1 can be found here and there for purchase. They are extremely rare and are generally passed through families. If they can be found for purchase they generally cost 100 times their normal cost.

These weapons count as magical when dealing with creatures that have immunities or resistances to nonmagical weapons

Firearms exist using MY Firearm rules. They can be selected at character creation with DM discussion. Note they are still very new and rare throughout the land and a character beginning the game with them must have a connection to a local noble house by the name of Ahlberg.

Rules ChangesInjuries. When a player drops unconscious from an injury he or she rolls a d100.
1-40 the PC gets an injury per the Lingering Injuries table and 1 level of exhaustion.
41-80 the PC gets 1 level of exhaustion.
81-100 unconsciousness as usual.

Adrenaline. As a reaction you can spend one hit die and regain that amount of health. At the end of combat you gain exhaustion levels equal to the number of hit die you spent using this ability. This can be used as many times as you have hit die for.

Rest Interludes. In most heroic tales, characters engage in small talk that reveals something about their past or further develops their personality. The system below formulizes these scenes and rewards players for roleplaying their character and revealing their backstory to the rest of the group. The DM should run an Interlude during natural down-time such as Long or Short Rest or between legs of a long trip. To start, pick a player (at random) and then roll a d4. The roll determines the general topic as shown on the Interlude Table below. Each entry requires the player to tell a story in the voice of his or her character. The tale should be substantial enough to take a few minutes and may draw in other characters’ participation as well. The next time the DM feels an Interlude is appropriate, he or she should pick a different player so that everyone has a chance to participate and reap the rewards.

Rewards. After a player completes his or her tale, that player may select any one of the following rewards. The rewards last for one full day.
i. 1d8 Temporary Hit Points
ii. 1 Inspiration Die (used to give you advantage on one d20 roll)
iii. 2d6 Bardic Inspiration Dice given to two other players of your choice
iv. Suggest something reasonable.

Topics. You may consider preparing a few ideas or even developing a full story to fill each of the four topics for your character. Or you might feel more comfortable waiting until it is your turn and then deciding what to say.

Tragedy: Describe a tale of tragedy or misfortune from your character’s past, featuring his or her Flaw, if possible. If the teller has a dark secret of some kind, hint strongly at it, drop clues, or otherwise give the rest of the group a glimpse into your hero’s dark side during your narrative.
Victory: Tell the group about a great victory or personal triumph in your character’s past. How did it affect him afterward? Was there a reward?
Love: Speak fondly of the character’s greatest love—lost, found, or waiting on him or her back home. What is her or his name? Where does he or she live? Why is the traveler not with him or her now?
Desire:Tell a tale about something your character wants (or already has). It might be a material possession, recognition, a political goal, or even a trip he or she wishes to take to some amazing destination.

OOCI'm looking for people who are willing to post at least 4-5 times a week. If you are submitting an application I'm assuming that you are agreeing to that number. If you can't post please let us know. We can decide what to do when that comes up. If you drop off the face of the earth, then your PC will ride off into the sunset and another PC will be recruited to take your place

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Looks interesting. What are you looking at for stat ability creation? Rolls? Point Buy? Standard?

Can you give me some more information about the setting? Or a Link to read up on? Is this a Homebrew setting? If so can you provide some fluff. Thanks.

From the adventuring hook, it looks like this will be a seafaring based adventure. Would a smuggler background from Ghosts of Saltmarsh create too much antagonism in a maritime based town, or do you think it would be all right to lean on the necessary economic evil angle of someone who takes on things that the Guild would consider themselves above?

I am super interested and going to work on an application if you don't mind a player new to PbP?

Also I have two questions - how are racial spells affected by the mistrust of magic? For example the high elf cantrips or the drow racial spells?

Second, what about spells that don't have obvious magical components? True strike is just the caster pointing at the target and getting an insight into their defences, how would the world at large see this?

Alright, great questions. Thank you. Keep asking them.

The deadline is one week from yesterday so July 24th. I'll send out invites on the 25th.

The setting is homebrew. I've fleshed some things out, particularly around the town area but I left it fairly vague for players to create things on their own. Here's how I would like to handle it. I'll post some town information which anyone would know. If there is something you want to know then ask. I might have it developed or I might ask you to.

Races with racial spells have learned to keep that kind of thing under wraps when they are in areas that are majority human. There is no mechanical differences there. Spells that don't have obvious components and obvious effects are usually something which other people aren't going to notice, so they are good to go.

I'll also be adding this information to the game overview.


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