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Pathfinder Homebrew Idea(s)

Hello everyone. I am sort of new here. I have been using this site for years (since 2013 I think) but only for character sheets for my real life group. This is my first time posting in the forum section. My group is currently on hiatus for not having enough people so I find myself with some time free. I was wanting to take my first step into Homebrew settings and I figured the slower pace of an online game might work better for that. I've always run the premade stuff myself, or been a player. I always enjoyed my friends homebrew games more than the premade ones, though it might just be that he is a better DM than me.

Below is a rough draft of a game I have in mind. I have several in mind, but this is the one that jumps out at me the most. I am wanting to know if I would get enough interest if I were to put an advertisement up. The players would need to be understanding with the fact that this is not in an entirely completed state and I may need to alter rules if they don't fly, whether that's because the majority of the players don't like it or it just doesn't fit the games story. It might break immersion a little but I rather do that to keep everyone (or at least the majority) enjoying the game rather than sticking with a rule(set) just because we started out with it in play. I guess we could say it's a little like beta testing.

(This is a work in progress so not all names are final and could potentially change.)


This game would start off rather low power but as your character grows, not just in level but as a person, their level of power will grow with them. The level of power you gain over the course of the game is quite a bit more than your average Pathfinder game. I don't want to reveal too much, as I don't want to give away any surprises, but a couple of examples are gaining two ability score points during your normal progression (4th, 8th, etc) and the possible addition of Mythic levels later on. There are other game rule-sets I would like to add, such as mass combat, but not because they just "sound like fun" and more for the fact that it will fit the story.

World - Dedradus
Continent - Talias
Nation - Astium

Astium is the only nation on the continent of Talias. Its northern border is walled in by The Fold, a massive mountain range that extends the entire continent east to west. Everything south of The Fold lies under Astium's control, to the north lies the wastes. The wastes, as the name might suggest, are a barren lands only home to roving bands of monsters. Only the gods know what they use as sustenance, perhaps one another. Some speculate that the lands of Astium are the only place on Dedradus that life still thrives.

Eons ago, before the coming of humankind, dragons ruled the world in peace. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Rifts opened up all across the planet, spilling forth hordes of hideous creatures bent on the annihilation of all things living. The war between dragonkind and these invaders lasted millennia, changing the face of of the planet. The wastes are said to be where the final battle occurred and is the reason nothing grows beyond The Fold. The dragons finally managed to seal the remaining monsters behind The Veil, a magically created dimension created by the dragons specifically for this purpose.

It wasn't until after the sealing that the humanoid races started to emerge. The overlap of time where dragons coexisted with humans was a short one, but during this window the dragons were able to teach humans to use the magic that permeates the world and how to maintain The Veil. Humankind has taken to calling the imprisoned monsters demons (the terms demon and devil are used interchangeably) and the realm of their prison Abaddon. Abaddon resembles the wastes in the lifeless landscape and black, rain-less storms. Dragons have since gone extinct, though some of their kin are still present in the form of drakes, wyverns, and kobolds. Over the intervening generations, the protection and maintenance of The Veil's controlling pillar has grown lax. They still defend and maintain the one in the capital, but more out of ceremony or tradition than any real fear of "alien" creatures that may or may not exist.

Astium predominately consists of humans but all manner of other races combine to make up a large portion of the country's population, enough so that it could be considered a melting pot. The capital city, Ascentis, was originally an outpost centered around one of two pillars used as a focus to maintain the stability of The Veil. The other focus lies far to the north, somewhere within the wastes, and has not been seen since the passing of the last of the true dragons. Ascentis has grown to become the nations largest and most prosperous city.

Discrimination is more rampant than most would like to admit. Bloodline, station, wealth, power, pretty much everything is used as a means to prove yourself over others. "To be weak is to be useless", this view is far too common, particularly by those that have had wealth and power for many generations. On the flip-side, it is quite possible to gain status and respect by showing that you powerful.

Unlike Golarion, the magic of Dedradus infuses everything and everyone. Even the weakest peasant can manage to conjure a light or produce flames. There are a rare few that do seem to be void of any magical power, the flow of arcane energy passing around them like a heavy stone in the current of a river. This absence of magic seems to extend beyond their physical form, often protecting these individuals from powerful attacks that would fell another. Though they make powerful warriors, those devoid of magic are usually discriminated against for being weak or cursed.

Deities: They do not actually play are large part of this game, at least not as I have it now. Most people pay homage to one god or another, and temples can be found in any sizable town. They do not often dip their hands into the lives of mortals like they do in other settings. You can use the standard list from Golarion or even make up your own as long as it's cohesive.

Divine Casters: Not common in this setting. The "divine" caster classes become arcane casters with a connection to spirits. The spirits are the ones that provide them the majority of their power, whereas normal arcane casters pull the power directly from themselves. These spirits can be manifested as a companion creature, though they provide no benefit other than as role-play potential. These spirits are usually attuned to one element. One exception would be the witch. It is still possible to role-play that your character is receiving power directly from a deity for one reason or another, best done with either the oracle or witch but can be done with any class (even normal arcane casters).

Planes: There isn't the typical heaven, hell, astral plane, shadow plane, etc, that there is in other Pathfinder games. You cannot summon celestials or demons. You can still summon other creatures, though the idea is that you are forming them out of magic rather than pulling them from somewhere else. This will also affect other spells that require another plane of existence.

Elements: Everyone is born with an attunement to one specific element. This element tends to represent which kind of magic they are strongest with. The common elements are Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind. Each element also has subdivisions but these are more rare and also more specific. Example: Metal from Earth. Lightning from Wind. Some can even be a combination of two, such as Mud (water and earth). The rarest of them all (though not necessarily any stronger) are the Light and Dark elements. You will need to choose your element at character creation. This has no mechanical benefits at the start but will affect some choices later in the game.

The game will start off with an introductory... I don't want to call it an adventure because there is no actual combat or experience gain. It is purely story and role-play to set up for future events. It starts off with a group of friends leaving town and entering a nearby forest, heading to a favorite fishing spot along a small river that snakes through the forest. The characters would be in their early teens at this time. They would all be friends or relatives of one another, player's choice.

Several years will pass between the introduction and when the game really kicks off. Now entering adulthood you are being sent off to Ilisia, Academy of the Arcane. The name is a little misleading, as anyone can attend, not just those proficient with magic. In fact, it is required that those reaching adulthood graduate from one of the colleges that dot Astium. The reason for this is manyfold. First and foremost, in a world where everyone (almost) can reach out and grasp magic nearly from birth, there is the constant fear of magic running out of control by those that do not understand what they are tampering with. The colleges teach the basics of control and understanding your limits.

The school also teaches general education and martial combat. Some of the individuals coming to the school may have already had some manner of education under their belt, but they tend to be from the rich or powerful (the sons or daughters of nobles, rich merchants, high ranking government officials, etc). If you come from a common background then your only education likely came from your parents. Once you graduate from Ilisia (or any of the colleges) you are given a small brooch imbued with magic and is unique to both the individual and the college. Most wear this brooch openly somewhere upon their person. Not only does it mark you as a "learned" adult, it allows you access to more of what Astium has to offer. For example: Some vendors will not sell goods to those that do not have their "mark" in plain sight. You might not be allowed in certain establishments or districts of the larger cities.

Furthermore, the colleges act as scouting agencies for the government and military. Those that show promise are commonly recruited into one of the five military devisions. It is every little boys, or girls, dream to one day become a member. Granted, there is no such thing as war since Astium is the only nation known to exist. The military serves other purposes.

By the time you finish your training at Ilisia you will be around character level 3. In order to graduate you will be given three tasks to complete, which are different every year. Once these three tasks are finished you will be given your "mark" and free to return home, or go wherever you wish.

(There is obviously more to the story but I do not want to give everything away.)

Looks pretty solid. I predict you will have a lot of applications when you do put the ad up. Also, I am interested.

You have me interested!

I am curious to find out what house rules you may have affecting class abilities, spells, etc. to help characters conform to some of your big things like every person having attunement to an element, and very nearly everyone having at least basic magic abilities.

When I read those things my mind jumped to the Spheres of Power magic system as the easiest way to set up those kind of thematic choices--its casting tradition/drawback system is a toolkit that's very easy for a GM to use to detail those kinds of rules and peculiarities of a setting.

I like this, the prologue idea of knowing each other closely and building our young dynamic to where we age and as adults do things can change, goals differ and people draw apart. I'll be happy to apply once this posts.

Originally Posted by Keante View Post
When I read those things my mind jumped to the Spheres of Power magic system as the easiest way to set up those kind of thematic choices--its casting tradition/drawback system is a toolkit that's very easy for a GM to use to detail those kinds of rules and peculiarities of a setting.
It looks pretty interesting, particularly the Elementalist and the Destruction sphere. I might have to figure a way to incorporate it for the characters without going straight up gestalt.

Mostly for balance, as the player characters will eventually grow to become quite powerful as it is. I also wanted them to start out at a relatively normal level of strength. Part of the story is growth from a no-name commoner to someone the entire nation recognizes. I suppose I could make it gestalt at a later level, or hand out the Elementalist's class abilities over time during the player's time in college arc.

Originally Posted by Infestation View Post
It looks pretty interesting, particularly the Elementalist and the Destruction sphere. I might have to figure a way to incorporate it for the characters without going straight up gestalt.
Yeah, it's really easy to limit a character to a single element if that's what the game setting needs. With normal Pathfinder spells you have to tell players not to pick spells that do other damage types, and there might not be enough spells that do the appropriate type of damage so you might have to pick other spells and change the element for them...

With SoP, you can just say: everyone has the energy focus drawback. That means your Destruction magic can only ever deal one kind of elemental damage.

Well, mostly it was in jest, but the easiest way to do that, would be using the intro story, and have us be one thing, then allow us to become gestalt with elementalist as a fixed "side" as it seems that's the class you want everyone to have. So one person could combine whatever they want with it. So say, fighter/elementalist, armorist/elementalist, cleric/elementalist (maybe the sphere version or the incanter with cleric features rather than bonus feats, etc. Gaining another class later is actually not uncommon in gestalt games, particularly those with a preferred class on one side, like an all monk campaign.

But, I might be interested regardless. Though I do have an armorist/conscript or (armorist/fighter if SoM is out) idea that would work with this theme as well.

Edit: There are also various themed archetypes of elementalist. Could require everyone to pick one of them. Fire/Earth/Wind/Water versions.


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