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First level adventures

First level adventures

Hey everyone, I'm new to the World of Farland and the boards as well and was curious if anyone had some good ideas for a first level adventures for my players. We'll be playing 4th edition and I'm thinking of starting in Kale or Kelerak although one of the occupied lands could be an option if anyone has some good ideas.

Welcome, Cervantes! I think we can come up with some ideas. I think Kelerak is a great place to start, since it is very developed, and it is also on the border of occupied Zeland. I think a good starter adventure might be to have the PCs be hired as low-level mercenaries by a captain of the Kelerak military. He could send them to reconnoiter the border, maybe to have them check out the enemy defenses at the Stone Ford. Perhaps rumor of massing forces has been heard, and he is generally sending out scouts and spies to see if it is true. The heroes can have some fights with goblins and orcs, find out that some sort of invasion force is indeed massing, and be hired more full-time for the Captain. You could make this part of a larger story arc wherein the heroes are involved with an ever-widening war as the Lord of Sloth tries to retake Kelerak.

Oh, and Farland, any chance you will be having another contest anytime soon? I have a writing itch that needs to be scratched.

Pheromax, I don't know that there will be another contest any time soon, but I am always looking for content for the site.

Well, I took the advice on using the stone ford for my group, placing an old ruined keep there which they'll be heading into tonight. Overall it's gone very well with them freeing some human slaves and defeating some of the goblin troops, and now they go in to face the orc and half orc in charge of it all.

Excellent. The thing I like about that idea is that there is an entire campaign arc built in if you want to follow it.

You'd be better off mentioning that in Game Planning, TrueHeart.

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