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Seeing Double: Game forum appears twice on start page.

Seeing Double: Game forum appears twice on start page.

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Message: I managed to join the same game twice, the D&D 5 Adventurer's League and it now it appears twice on my forum start page. This is not a big issue, but it is slightly irritating. This doubling of the game is consistent everywhere. For example, when I associate a character sheet with a game, "Adventurer's League Games" appears twice on the list.

The problem probably came from clicking the "join" button for the game forum, for which the request was then accepted and either simultaneously or afterwards someone threw me an invite, which I then accepted.

Would it be possible to fix this without leaving and rejoining the game? Sorry for the invonvenience.
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You are both player and reader of the game in question.

I have - twice - removed you (as removal of player status takes precedence over removal of reader status, unfortunately) and then re-invite you (as player).

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