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Myth Weavers Storycrafting Contest

@DoubleGold Still not seeing anything, please PM me for further direction so we can get your entry!

Also, exciting news folks! The Jim Butcher novel, Brief Cases, has been signed!

Hi Colin

Just sent my submission in. Please let me know if it doesn't arrive.

Thank you

@DoubleGold Got it this time! Yeah, the [contest] bit is important, lets the auto-forward know it's an email to redirect.
@Underleaf Also received yours!

When I entered this writing contest, I was afraid of losing. No one likes losing.

After the first month or so, when I was the only one to have sent in a piece, I realized that winning as the only participant would be even worse than losing.

So I am still surprised that now that there are more texts than prices I am actually grateful for having the chance of losing.

Keep increasing that chance.

I've been simmering an idea for this for, well, since the announcement. I might get uncover it's voice.

I'm not afraid of losing. I've won some writing contests and I've lost some. There are a dozen story ideas I have that can be incorporated into anything. I'm just waiting for more contests to pop up to write them, otherwise I'm just writing for fun, and I'm no author either.

I too was starting to wonder about the numbers and whether or not taking one of the top four spots would have been guaranteed. However, the number of entries, be it as the only one or being one among a thousand, wasn't going to stop me from writing my story.

One week to go! So excited to get to read all these stories


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