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Neutral/Monstrous PCs in Eberron

Hmm...I have the beginnings of an idea...a conscript in the Last War, who was shaken and traumatised after a chance encounter with an enemy illusionist/enchanter bewitched his platoon into slaughtering each other.
Deserting and seeking refuge in an out-of-the-way village, his fear of being tricked into killing more friends led him to make a pact with something, promising to serve it in exchange for powers that would help him avoid needless bloodshed.
Since then he's been trying to keep his head down, sending money to his family wherever they are whilst trying to avoid revealing his survival and desertion, putting his common skills to work whilst listening to the entity that gave him his powers...

Right now, mechanically, I'm thinking a Warlock (from Complete Arcane), who specialises in jamming foes; bluffing or scaring them away, smashing their weapons, or if necessary cursing the heck out of them, in order to disable them without going straight to chop-their-head-off. I wonder what race, though...?

I way I picture this game, we have saved some girl from being kidnapped and her being blindfolded with her saying "You know, your rescuing me is like a fairy tale, I didn't believe in those." To use removing the blindfold, showing her us as changelings, lycanthropes, hobgoblins, ogres, etc etc. "You best start believing in fairy tales, YER IN ONE!" Long walk for a bad reference but I hope my feelings came through.

Play a dwarf that refuses to accept the "new style" of clans all about money and gold and greed and away from the brutal conditions that make true dwarfs, dwarfs! Call the houses and clans to be "Softmudders" that your the last of the "Real Dwarfs" and are a brutal merciless barbaric Conan style Barbarian and you've come here to, at first, slay as many goblins and orcs as you can get your ax into, but maybe you found a people amid these "monsters" that make more sense to you than anyone blood related to you.

Play a Bugbear "Rogue" that is not sneaky at all, but when seen by guards growls at them doing an Intimidate check saying "You don't see me!"

Sorry, I will stop now.

I am a liar, one more. Shifter race gets Shapechanger as a subtype. Warshaper only requires shapechanger as a subtype. Be level 4 ranger(this is key for later things) and then go into for absurd bonuses. Take the heal skill and be a doctor/taxidermist that uses your knowledge of anatomy to move your own organs around, get fast healing etc, and wear a tiny pair of glasses and call yourself Dr. McCoy..

@whitelancer - That is the kind of theme or feeling I am going for, not too gritty as the setting feels a little more light. But it can certainly be punctuated by serious or dark scenes as needed.

@ Avaday Daydream - That would be an individual f interest to Tzaryan Rrac. He would prefer willing warriors over captured or subverted ones. But should something or someone interest him, he is not in any way above forcing them into his service in some manner.

@ LAVRENCE - I understand where you would be concerned. I will provide a free +1 LA and the option for an addition LA buyoff at lv 3

Here is a link for those currently interested. Feedback is welcome.

I would definitely be interested! I love both Eberron and monstrous PC's.

In terms of tone, are you aiming this game to be 'Monsters Rising to Heroism In Dire Circumstances' or 'Doing What You Have To To Survive Doesn't Make You A Monster'? The standard fantasy hero trope but with traditionally 'evil' PCs, or a darker, grittier, cyberpunkier sort of premise? I ask largely because Eberron, unlike many other published dnd settings, actually allows darker stories as part of its fluff.

In general I think PbP works best when you have a relatively tight focus as a GM - know what you want, advertise what you want, and get a team of people to help you write the story who are on board with that.

Hmm...what would be a monstrous or bestial race, that doesn't suffer from a major Charisma penalty, and might be convinced to give up violence following a battle gone horrifically wrong?

For that matter, I wonder if there's any other classes that are adept at avoiding or non-fatally handling foes? Rogue with sneak-attack swapped for fighter feats (Unearthed Arcana) might be an option...

By the way, before I forget; are we going to borrow the Background Skills idea from Pathfinder? +2 skill points at each level, to go into Profession or other more fluffy skills?


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