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Warhammer: The End Times

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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Adventure Awaits!

The ashes still cool and the wounds still heal after the onslaught of Archaon and the forces of Chaos Undivided - But Middenheim still stands! Perched atop the massive height of the Ulricsberg, the defenders of the Empire threw back the Chaos hordes.

But all is not well in Middenheim. Corruption eats at the very heart of the City of the White Wolf, and it's up to your intrepid band of heroes to help root it out. It all starts quietly enough but they are quickly plunged into an action-packed adventure involving heresy, murder, betrayal, and the scent of corruption most foul. Set after the events of the Storm of Chaos, Ashes of Middenheim proves that the followers of the Ruinous Powers are far from finished.

The Old World. A dark and grim place filled with peril and riven by war. From the teeming cities of the Empire to the Elf haunted forests to the lofty crags of the World's Edge mountains where the Dwarfs battle with the Goblins and their vile kin, a shadow hangs over the world, cast by the dark corrupting hand of Chaos. All along its borders, the Old World's greatest nation, the Empire, seeks to hold back this dark tide. But even within the Empire there are enemies. Twisted cultists seek to bring about the Empire's fall, cold-hearted Beastmen stalk the forests, and loathsome Skaven ratmen spread plague and sickness from their subterranean lairs.

In Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, you are unlikely heroes in a grim world of perilous adventure. You venture into the dark corners of the Empire and deal with the threats that others cannot or will not face. You'll probably die alone in some festering hellhole, but maybe, just maybe, you'll survive foul Mutants, horrible diseases, insidious plots, and sanity-blasting rituals to reap Fate's rewards.

There are worlds where courageous heroes who stand for all that is good and righteous watch over populaces of decent folk who seek to enrich their own lives and better those of the people around them. This isn’t one of those worlds.

The Old World is one of blood, pain, sacrifice, treachery, deceit, and malice. Many of the Empire’s “heroes” are dangerous rogues and blood spattered butchers. The people of the Old World are suspicious and insular, swift to believe the worst of others and slow to trust, often with good reason. Corruption is the rule, honesty the exception. Those few bright souls who still manage to accomplish truly heroic tasks frequently have to act under cover of darkness, lest they be accused of being in league with the very forces they try to combat.

All of you grew up listening to stories of the Great War Against Chaos. The tale of Magnus the Pious and his victory over the armies of Chaos is well known. While there have been wars and threats in the 200 years since, there has been nothing on that scale. Until now. This year the Chaos Lord Archaon invaded the Empire with five mighty armies. They swept down from the Chaos Wastes, ranks filled with mutant warriors, nightmarish monsters, and power-mad sorcerers. Flagellants and other prophets of doom declared these the End Times. And as these armies pillaged and burned their way through the northern provinces of the Empire, it was easy to believe.

You’ve heard endless stories over the past few months. They say that Sigmar once again walked the earth. They say an army of wolves attacked the Kislevian city of Erengrad. They say the dead rose from their graves to defend the Empire. They say a mighty victory was won at Middenheim. They say a plague has choked the streets of Talabheim with bloated corpses.

You can only believe what is in front of your eyes. You are traveling with a small band of wagons bringing supplies to the town of Undergard where a nine-day battle took place. The town is in ruins and its remaining citizens struggle to survive. The Imperial army has long since moved on from Untergard, leaving behind only its dead. You’ve heard tell of more battles up north but the war here seems over. Or so you hope.

Rainstorms of utmost savagery have lashed the Drakwald Forest for the last two days of your six day journey along the River Taub. It has been miserable to say the least, but its been quiet as well. Fighting in this mess would be quite a task. Its given you a good chance to form bonds with the other like-minded adventurers here looking for a way to have a better lot in life. You've decided, once the caravan reaches Untergard, to form a proper adventuring band.

Game Description:

About The Game

This will be using Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP) 2nd edition, as that's what I bought before seeing they had a 4th edition. Still, there's lots of material for it on drivethrurpg so if people like this setting, I can just buy more modules and eventually get comfortable enough to create my own stories within the setting lore. This game will be mainly focused on the Paths of the Damned: Ashes of Middenheim module with two intro stories, Pretty Things (from the GM Toolkit) and Through the Drakwald (from the core book).

About Me
I have been GMing games since 2003, cutting my teeth on then-just-released D&D 3.5 edition. I have been playing RPGs since Final Fantasy 1 and the original Zelda. I prescribe to the school of thought where story conquers rules. If something makes for a great situation, I will intentionally push the rules aside and allow for the awesome situation to play out. This doesn't mean I don't like the rules; believe me, they add value to the game, but they don't necessarily have final say.

Applying For The Game
Please read up on the setting to get a feel for things in The Empire. If you care, have a gander at the map. Then, start your character creation process with the Character Creation Summary. If you have questions about creation, please ask them here. Any other questions should be answerable in this advertisement.

@arcaneshield I can see your point on random career generation. Its not for everyone. But the book suggests for those not very adept with the rules/setting to go with random. If you have played before and have a decent grasp of the setting than I am fine with you choosing your own career. If you'd rather, there is indeed a method to roll by "group role" such as tank, dps, etc though they name them differently.

Edit: The 5 roles are: Academics, Commoners, Criminals, Rangers, Warriors

Academics: Academics include any character that has the benefit of formal education or training. Examples include initiates, apprentice wizards, and nobles.

Commoners: The salt of the earth, commoners bear the burden of doing all of the dirty work required to keep society functioning. Such characters include valets, servants, and entertainers.

Criminals: Beholden to no laws, criminals operate outside the bounds of society. These characters include thieves, agitators, and outlaws.

Rangers: Rangers are rustic types that live or work in the wilderness. Common “ranger” careers include charcoal-burners, hunters, and woodsmen.

Warriors: The last role archetype covers all the martial characters—those careers that reflect some formal training with arms or characters whose primary function is killing. Examples include the marine, soldier, and mercenary.

wanted to try Warhammer for a while now, but never really found an occasion. Wish to try something different than d20 based systems.

As you already mentioned you accept new players to the system, consider yourself cursed with my presence as I never even had a rule book in my hand, and therefore expect A LOT of questions. Still want me around?

Just one more thing - what posting frequency do you expect from players?

@Ciapong No worries on being a new player and having questions. Ask away

@HellFencer Thanks, I will look through the rules during the weekend.

What posting frequency do you expect? I'm asking because I don't want to slow the game down if it turns out I have issues with keeping up.

I'm not looking to play super fast. If I could get on average 3 posts a week, that'd be great. But I'm willing to work with less as long as we stay consistent and people continue to post. Life gets in the way sometimes, I get that.

Never played a Warhammer game before, not the war game or the roleplay, but I've heard good things so I'm going to try to get an app up if I can.

Thank you all for the interest! I have far too many apps than to shake a stick at, so I'm closing this advertisement. Again, thank you to all that looked this over and to those that put some effort towards playing.


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