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StarCraft: The Legacy of Zeratul

StarCraft: Legacy of Zeratul - Forum

Hi, I'm Arklytte, long time member of The Weave, and unofficial Old Fart Grognard™.
Welcome to the recruitment ad for my new StarCraft inspired game, The Legacy of Zeratul.

Here's hoping it will whet your roleplaying appetite.


A little bit about me: I've GM'd quite a few games here on MW, as well as other sites, and have had varying degrees of success with them. I've been roleplaying for well over 30 years now (tabletop for most of my life, and online for over 15 years - almost eleven of which have been here on MW), and have played many, many different systems. Even invented a couple. I am a big fan and avid supporter of ROLE over ROLL playing and my games feature a lot of character interaction/development, fleshed out NPC's, and (at least so I'm told) lots of fun.

I value intense, flavorful roleplay;
Whether English is your first or fourth language, it is the lingua franca of MW. Like Korben Dallas, I only speak/read English and Bad English. The written word is the only form of communication we have here, and I expect my players to be at least reasonably competent in it's usage. If you have trouble with your writing, or English is not your first language, please use a spell checker and do your best to use reasonably good grammar. I'm not going to penalize someone for not being an English Lit major, but I do expect everyone to make an effort to be a good communicator.
strong writing skills; and creative, open minds.

That being said, I am also an opinionated old fart (as advertised ), for whom the word 'Optimization' is akin to other Four Letter Words. I dont care how good a roleplayer you claim to be, if your first inclination when considering joining this game is to rub your hands in glee at all the options you have to make 'teh uber character'...well...let's just say that this game wont be the best fit for you. And yes, I know...Stormwind Fallacy...BLAH BLAH BLAH! Sorry, IMO Stormwind is full of it. And at the end of the day, My Game, My Rules. If you find this too restrictive or are offended by it, then I appreciate you reading this far and wish you luck in your future endeavors on the Weave. I'm sure there are plenty of games that cater to your preferences...this one will not. I'm going to blatantly steal a comment I read in another recruitment thread, by Legionbunny, that I think perfectly sums up my attitude on this point. It's quite apropos to this game as well.

Murderhobos...Shoo! SHOO!

Now, all that being said, this will be a game with characters who are going to end up being very strong, mechanically speaking. I'm totally ok with that...if I wasn't, I wouldn't have gone to the extent to put my own stamp on the rules that I did. But I didn't create these rules so that you could torture the math into giving you a character who can one shot Amon. I created them to give you the flexibility to make a truly interesting, compelling character, that is exactly what you envision when you think of 'Hero'. You will be creating characters who's names will one day go down in history with the likes of James 'Jimmy' Raynor, Artanis, Zeratul, and other Heroes & Champions of all stripes.

I am incredibly fond of the StarCraft universe, but my primary knowledge base comes from the games themselves. I have played all of the games, literally hundreds of times, but I haven't really read the novels or comics. I am one of those geeks who browses Wikia pages for pleasure reading, and I've read quite a bit of the StarCraft Wikia, so I do have a pretty good handle on the general lore, but I dont claim to know all of the deep intricacies from the extended universe. Still, it is one of my favorite fictional universes and I plan to do my best to bring it to life in this game.

As such, I am FAR more interested in the story you tell about your character. Your story should influence the mechanics, not the other way around. 90%+ of my decision on who I choose to join my games is based on your character's story. And my interest in the crunchy bits is mainly to see if they match up with the fluffy stuff...well, that, and making sure they're reasonably well balanced against your fellows.

We're also going to be using the Spheres of Power and Might alternate character creation system. This system encourages flexibility and customization above all else, and that appeals to me quite a lot. I have done extensive customization and there are MANY house rules that will need to be navigated when creating a character.

At present, the plan is to leave recruitment open for two weeks. At approximately 12PM EST, Oct 24th I will officially close the ad and stop open recruiting, at which point, I will begin the process of choosing the final group of players. As stated, that will be based almost entirely on a character's fluff, so I expect that portion of your character to be completely done by end of recruitment. Due to the complexity of the house rules, I fully expect that people will likely need additional time to finish their characters. Those that are chosen will get all the time they need to finish their mechanics.

So, without further ado, I'd like to invite you to join me in taking up the mantle of Hero, and striving to live up to The Legacy of Zeratul...

Game Description:

Fate's Chosen.

The Agents of Zeratul.

Forged in strife, we evaded genocide to follow in the footsteps of our fallen teacher, the prophet Zeratul.

Our fleet sailed beyond the bounds of the Koprulu Sector as explorers, caretakers, warriors...outcasts. While the Zerg and their mad Xel'Naga master burned our worlds to ash, we sought out a new home. Allied with the Terrans, we fought, and we died, but in the end, we escaped. Few of us, however, now remain, and we are in dire need of a new world to call our own.

We are survivors.


Refugees hidden among the stars.

And now, our greatest tribulation has come. Hyrbid, the great perversion of the mad god Amon, leading their Swarm of corrupted and controlled Zerg, have followed us to our refuge, and our people are sorely beset!

The key to our salvation lies at the end of a dark and narrow road.

Shall you light the way?


A StarFinder game, set in the universe of StarCraft, but outside of the canon plot, and inspired by THIS VIDEO (not to mention, working several 80+ hour weeks in a row :q), as well as the fourth installment of a popular video game franchise that was roundly panned by TEH INTERTUBEZ, but that I, personally, loved. The PC's will be members of an advance scout team, who have just been awakened after a centuries long period of hibernation while your ships have been making the journey from the Koprulu Sector of the Milky Way galaxy, and into outer edges of the
Yes, all you science nerds out there, I know that the Andromeda Galaxy is closer, but Mass Effect already went to Andromeda, and I'm already stealing enough material/ideas from that game. So in my game, then went a little farther. :p NA NA BOO BOO! :]
Triangulum Galaxy.

The game branches off from the plot of StarCraft II just at the point where Zeratul meets with James Raynor on the Hyperion and hands off his Ihan Crystal. The main plot of StarCraft continues on, fully canon, while the plot of this game takes a sharp left turn.

The campaign starts literally minutes after the PC's have awakened from their hibernation, and goes from there.

We will be using the Spheres of Power and Might alternate character creation system, with heavy customization so as to adapt it to the StarFinder setting. We will also be using DSP's Psionics Playtest for StarFinder, again, with additional customizations.


A couple of points about the tone of the campaign...

This game will be ROLEPLAY heavy. While this game will likely feature a higher proportion of combat than most of my games...(After all, it IS StarCraft)...most of my games only feature 10-15% combat...I dont expect much more than 25% all tolled. There will be significant amounts of exploration, character and NPC interaction, lots of opportunities for your character's personality to shine through, and some good old fashioned dungeon crawling...err...I mean, exploration of interesting, and not at all dungeon-like alien landscapes. :]

I wont be handing out XP in the traditional sense, I will instead be advancing your characters at story appropriate places.

This game will be fairly high powered, and will be complicated. PC's will be starting at Level 12, and we will be using a Pseudo-Gestalt system that I've put together that gives all of the PC's talents from the Spheres of Power and Might system, on top of their StarFinder class. We will also be ditching the standard Vancian Magic of StarFinder for the Mystic and Technomancer, and replacing that with Spheres of Power magic, as well as modifying some of the class abilities to fit the Spheres system.

This game will be intimate. Unlike most of my games, the team will consist of just 5 PC's, rather than my normal 6 (or 7 or 8, since I seem to have a penchant for drawing awesome players who write awesome apps, and I have a hard time saying no. :palm:). I think the smaller group size should make for more intense roleplay. One of the player slots is already filled by the inimitable @Miss.

Since this is StarFinder, and ship combat WILL be a thing, not to mention, your characters will be part of a quasi-military group, there will be a certain amount of team orientation when it comes to the final player selection. All of the traditional starship roles will be assigned, though the 'Captain' slot will actually be a 'First Officer' slot. There will be an NPC Captain whom I will control, who will be my mouthpiece for moving the game along. The Captain will be in the background and will be in overall charge, but the PC's will be the ones driving the story.

To facilitate getting to know your fellow applicant's characters, I've created an Application Showcase thread where people can post non-mechanical information about their character, as well as an Application Showcase Discussion thread, where people can discuss potential interactions between their characters, as well as what 'slots' their angling for. :)

This game will be relatively slow paced. I'm running a couple other games, playing in a few, and trying to carve out enough time IRL to allow me to do all this, as well as take care of all that pesky IRL stuff. This leaves me with a fairly limited amount of MW time. I'm looking for roughly 2-3 IC posts a week once the game starts and players can expect the same from me.

This game will be mature themed. All evidence to the contrary, I am an adult (actually, as mentioned, I'm kind of an old fart :]) and I write for other adults. The game will feature adult themes (within site limits, obviously), truly evil villains, and morally questionable choices. While I dont write horror, and I especially dont write gorn, you can still expect a fairly dark campaign. This is StarCraft, after all. The SC universe is not sweetness and light.

If all of this interests you, please check out the following threads:
  • Character Creation Rules - Everything you need to know to create your character. There are extensive house rules in this thread...please read it completely through, as well as the information in the Campaign Info Folder, before you head to the...
  • Character Creation Q&A - If you have clarification questions or require specific answers, please post them here.
  • General OOC thread - Chat about the game, your character, the weather, or pretty much anything else, here. No rules specific questions, please.
  • The Official Campaign Timeline - Learn the history of the Refugee Fleet, as well as your place within it.

When you're ready to start, please make a PRIVATE thread in the Applications Folder, then start checking things out.

Carrier Has Arrived!

"You'll wake up from your daze with your companion's blood on your sword, and I'll ask you again whether you think my craft has any "real" dictation on reality." - The 'wimpy' Illusionist
For anyone that might be interested, there's still plenty of time to apply.

Recruiting is still open for a few days (until Wednesday the 24th) if anyone is still considering it. You wont need to have all your mechanics done, I'll be picking characters almost totally based on their story and other fluffy aspects, then we'll be nailing down the mechanics once the final team is chosen.

Its not too late, if anyone's still interested. Recruiting will be officially closing tomorrow (Wednesday) at midnight EST. To be considered, only the characters fluff need be finished.

Edit: Moving my question to the related folder in the game forum.

And that's all folks! Recruitment is officially closed.

I'd like to thank everyone who posted in this thread, applied for the game, and all those who posted in the Interest Check thread. The ideas that got posted in the Interest thread definitely improved the final product of the game, and I cant thank everyone enough.

Thanks again, and see y'all around the Weave!


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