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Future of Lego Dimensions?

Future of Lego Dimensions?

For those that don't know, Lego Dimensions is a video game cross-platform gimmick that allows a bunch of genre mashing. I enjoy it, even if the bits and add ons are expensive (hey, they come with Legos!) The figures and toys get put onto the platform to enter the game--kinda like the disney platform. Where they are affects several of the puzzles and how to solve them.

First wave included Lord of the Rings (Gandalf, Gimli, Legolas), Lego Movie (WildStyle, Emmet, Benny, BadCop, UniKitty), DC comics (Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, Joker, Harley, Cyborg, Bane, Aquaman, Doctor Who (Doctor, Cybermen, K9, Dalek), Scooby Doo (Scooby & Shaggy), Wizard of Oz (Witch), Simpsons (Homer, Bart, Krusty), Portal 2 (Chem), Back to the Future (Marty & Doc), Ghost Busters (Venkman, Slimer, StayPuff), Chima (Craggor, Leval, & eagle girl), Classic Arcade games, and Jurassic World.
Each of the worlds was meticulously detailed and showed a great deal of care and attention. Characters have quips that they throw in at random that are quite fun. "88 miles per hour? I could save the universe 3 times over before this baby got to 88mph"

This year wave2 came out (some parts still pending), with Gremlins, Knight Rider, Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, A-Team, Fem GhostBusters, Mission Impossible, Goonies, Green Arrow, Adventure Time, Lego Batman Movie, Sonic the HedgeHog, Lego City, E.T.
Still waiting for PowerPuff Girls, Teen Titans, & BeetleJuice.

So far, my biggest gripes are that there are some puzzles that can only be solved by SuperGirl (PS4 exclusive), and that Sonic worlds is unplayable, since the camera can't follow the action fast enough to show you what you just missed.

Looks like they're going after franchises from the 70s forward.
Judging by past performance, Anything owned by Disney, in spite of being previously its own video game (Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Frozen, anything Marvel) seems to be off limits.

What do you think they might try to put out next year?
They could do Lego Pirates (no PotC), $6M man, Thundercats, whatever else they could get the rights to... Anyone who guesses correctly gets an "I Told You So" point.

Where's Tron, though? I would have thought that would be an easy add on. Even if you leave Legacy alone, the classic Tron would sell.

I think the Vintage 80s Arcade games was originally planned to be Tron. Seems so obvious. But Tron is a Disney property.

Yeah, and they sit on those until they rot, I guess. Sometimes I think that Disney vault is a crypt

Thing is, there are so many potential properties that could be used...
Heck, just with the TARDIS and BttF time machines, puzzles take you to STAR labs from The Flash TV show and to the mining ship Red Dwarf, as well as the Flintstones & Jetsons houses. Seems like even if they couldn't or didn't want to do a whole level or world, they could jump to just a room or two.

How about a D&D level? too close to Lord of the Rings? Or would Hasbro copyright be too onerous?
Futurama? (Why not--they've got Simpsons)

Guessing the Ninjago movie is going to get a big level pack ala Lego Batman, 2016 Ghostbusters, & Fantastic Beasts. Pack will probably come with Lloyd, since the other good guys already came out last year. Maybe we'll get a couple of villain fun packs.
Justice League? Already have all the characters from first year sets.

Maybe we'll get a Flash level or Justice League Movie. And we better get a friggin Green Lantern figure.
For fun packs: well, since they're trying for every single 80s franchise they can (or so it seems), maybe we can get an AirWolf, a vintage BattleStar Galactica (Tardis portal to the emo reboot?) TeenWolf? Arachnophobia? Tiny Tunes/Animaniacs?
Lego:City could certainly use some expanding.
Maybe some more Simpsons? Futurama?
Star Trek is probably too complicated to license (more's the pity).
He-Man (tardis door to the movie version)
Robotech is probably out of the question because of complications--Harmony Gold is not fond of sharing copyright.
Mortal Kombat? seems like an odd choice given the Ninjago theme already in place.
Maybe Monster Fighters (kinda a victorian adventurers with a scooby-doo vibe to it)
Lego: Space? well, there have been several waves of Space Police with Blacktron villains, and now a bunch of alien criminals
Lego: Pirates could be an excuse to revisit Pirates of the Caribbean without using the Disney trademark characters.
The new Nexo Knights might be a workable full-story level.

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