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United States Third Presidential Debate

United States Third Presidential Debate

Set to go tonight, and it's all about foreign policy.

From what I've seen so far form the candidates: Obama is a more moderate person, while Romney wants to attack a lot of countries (China on money, Iran with an actual war it seems a lot of the time). Any thought before the debate happens?

Well, the whole freaking thing's going to be about the attack on the Embassy.

Nah. Remember the moderator sets the questions. I'm sure you'll get 1 question on Libya, and Romney might mention it a few more times, both stuff like Afghanistan, Syria, Iran (a big one) and China will come up. Unfortunately, Obama is probably going to mention bin Laden about a dozen times... he would come off better IMO if he didn't even bring him up this time.

As a non-USA citizen I have to say that no one is better for the USA to the rest of the world then Obama.

Having another red-neck in the whitehouse doesn't bode too well for the rest of the world's opinion of that insular country that is the US of A.

I disagree. Romney would be great in the White House for the rest of the world. If he follows his patterns of the past, think of all the American jobs he'll outsource to other countries round the world, thus saving their economies.

Oh he'll certainly be good for Canada, it gets us the Keystone Pipeline instantly. But there is more to civilization than money, and Romney will ruin a lot of that.

i have to say, as much as I dislike Romney and want Obama to win, Romney is not a redneck by any strech of the imagination. A redneck is uneducated white trash which wants to pretend like they are somehow a part of ranching, farming or the generic rugged westerner experience, but are really just posers. Romney has never been poor enough to be considered white trash and is more along the lines of the banker or administrator most rednecks and legitimate ranchers love to hate, who in old movies and TV was always plotting to foreclose on their land.

I just want to leave this here.

Apparently, the entire rest of the world doesn't understand how Romney has a chance in hell, let alone is in a dead heat with Obama.

Originally Posted by Wippit Guud View Post
Apparently, the entire rest of the world doesn't understand how Romney has a chance in hell, let alone is in a dead heat with Obama.
At least in western Europe, I'm pretty sure it's not so much lack of understanding as wishful thinking on their part: Romney winning is something they just try not to think about to spare themselves the nightmares. Living here, I get the impression that the there's not a single self-respecting politician who wouldn't readily side with Obama in this election. And this is why:

"In Britain, Romney is viewed as representing a party that has swung further and further to the right on social issues, thus sharing less affinity with his counterparts on this side of the Atlantic than Republicans once did." In many ways -his clear pro-gun position, is the most obvious option- Romney represents those parts of American culture which western Europeans tend to disagree on.


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