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Two player 5e co-op campaign!

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Two player 5e co-op campaign!

Rise of the Runelords 5e - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

The Adventure:
I am looking to run a 5e conversion of Pathfinderís Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path. However, I am open to requests; if the players would rather play in another adventure, like 5eís Storm Kingís Thunder, or another Patherfinder AP, for example, then I will happily consider running that. If there is a game you have been itching to play in, now is your chance! I would prefer to stick to a pre-written adventure.

Game Style:
I prefer a narrative style to DMing, and I like to do a lot of work OOC to keep things as clear as possible for the players. The pre-written modules normally try to contain a decent mix of social interactions and combat, but I can tweak this to player preference either way as desired. I will be using battle-maps where necessary, though I am flexible with grids etc; I prefer a theatre of the mind approach.

I will be looking to tailor the adventure to the backstories that the players have written, as much as is possible in a pre-written module. I like a story focussed game, and character development will remain a priority throughout.

2 Player Applications:
Apply here. Note that you will be applying as a pair - two players, a character each. The idea of running a two player game is that the two characters already have a close relationship together. This could be as simple as two adventurers that have worked together before, or it could be a father/daughter combo, or twins, for example. I will be looking to work character backstories into the story of the AP, so I will be encouraging creative backstory writing once players are chosen. This means I can very closely tailor the story to the players. Also, Play-by-Post works well with only one or two players, so the pace of the game will be decent.

Single character applications will not be considered. If you have a cool idea for a pairing, reach out to someone else you are playing with elsewhere to see if theyíd be interested in applying with you. If you canít find anyone to apply with, PM me and I may be able to match you up. I have folks applying to the game from outwith MW, so there should be players looking to match up. Also check out the Gauging Interest post where a few folks have expressed interest.

A player can apply in multiple pairings, so feel free to ask around those that have already applied if you are struggling.

Character creation:
We can go over character creation and detailed concepts once I have picked the players. For now, all I am looking for is
Very basic character concepts
A sentence or two on how the characters know each other
A little bit about your gaming history together as players
If you have never played together as players, thatís cool, please still apply and just mention that. I will reiterate - applications should be as a pair. Please create a new thread for your joint application. Donít worry about tying your characters into the setting or the story at this point - I will just be looking at the relationship between characters at this stage. You donít even need to have races and classes decided at this point - we can refine all that later - but go ahead if you have something in mind.

About me:
I am DMing one game here on MW (a 1v1 game) and I am also playing in a couple of games. Iíve been playing 5e for a 2-3 years, PbP for about a year.

I will not be requesting a minimum no. of posts per week from the players, though I think 3-5 will be achievable for me.

Game Description:

A 5e campaign, running through Pathfinder's Rise of the Runelords adventure path.

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Originally Posted by Greaek Strong View Post
Anyone interested in playing members of rival families, forced together by situations to protect innocents?
Still looking for a partner?

Sorry if i'm a little late in my reply, I've been moving this past week and just got the internet running yesterday.

But, I would definitely pair up.
My idea, so long as you have Xanthar's and the DM is allowing it, would be a divine soul and a shadow magic sorcerer. Gives a good mix of different skill sets. Divine soul bringing buff spells and healing, Shadow bringing stealth. Divine would build.. palladin'ish, and shadow would build assassin or rogueish. Bringing some melee along with the range and aoe.
If you have some other ideas, throw 'em out there?


Yeah, that would be cool. Divine Soul and Shadow Magic makes sense. If you'd be okay with Divine Soul, I feel like I'd RP Shadow Magic better, so I think I should be that. Tell me if you disagree, though. As for backgrounds, I'm at a loss for what to do there. Any ideas? Maybe we're trying to become stronger, one helped the other harness their powers, I dunno.


I was actually hoping for the divine soul. I would enjoy either of them, but I kind of want to try the divine soul, and give him a paladin esque feel instead of a cleric feel.

As for backgrounds, I was actually thinking we could go as Aasimir. I would go Protector, and spend time trying to draw you back to light. You would be fallen, and try to make your way back to the light. Your fall wasn't on purpose, but it was complete.

Originally Posted by Guardian Angel Haruki View Post
This seems interesting.

Is there anyone who doesn't have a partner yet...? ^^"
If you go to the Applications Q&A thread in the main game forum - I am keeping a list of folks that aren't yet matched up on the first page.

Hi all! I am going through the applications now, and will be closing the ad in a few days. There is still time to get an application in, but I won't be accepting any beyond Wednesday. If this will be a problem for anyone, let me know.


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