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Morituri Te Salutant: Pathfinder Arena Combat

Morituri Te Salutant: Irorium Arena - Forum
Pathfinder - Golarion

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Have you ever wanted to try out a character in battle, but no appropriate game showed up?
Have you ever wanted to experience challenging, fun combat without having to wade through endless dialogue & exploration?
Do you want to shamelessly optimize, roll dice, and just watch the carnage?

Then this game is for you!

Game Description:

Absalom, the city at the center of the world, and at the top of a hill in the foreign quarter, overlooking this grand city sits the Irorium Arena. It is a huge stone edifice, with 200-foot high outer walls and a 10-acre central stage. Standing around the outer wall are 33 statues of famous warriors, masters of Iroriís faith and champions of the arena over the centuries, each statue 150 feet tall and facing outward. There remains open spots along the wall for new statues. Will you risk your life to compete in the arena for the chance to be immortalized as one of the greatest gladiators of all time?

The Game

This game will be arena combat at its finest. You will control one (or more) gladiators who will fight once a week in the arena for wealth and glory. Gladiators will fight through a 16-week season of PVE and/or PVP combat. This will be almost purely roll-play, so get out your slide-rule and prepare to crunch some numbers. This is your chance to pit your most deadly, most munchkiny, most creative builds against the best the GM and your fellow players can throw at you. Expect no mercy.

Some highlights:

  • You will experience challenging PVE and/or PVP combat without any fluff to bog you down.
  • Create a Visiting Gladiator to try out a one-time concept, or pick Career-Mode to watch your gladiator grow and level up over the season.
  • A creative and deadly assortment of match types to keep you guessing and having fun.
  • You have the choice of whether you are brave enough to fight to the death.
  • A chance to build a fan-base as you put on a show for the bloodthirsty fans of the arena using performance combat.
  • As an entertainer and an athlete you can use unique downtime rules to advance your gladiator career.
  • Two tiers of gladiators starting at 1st or 4th level to accommodate fresh-faces and experts alike.

We will always be recruiting and all properly built gladiators will be accepted. Though match-slots will be limited by the number of GMs willing to run one. Players are encouraged to lend a hand as co-GM as well. Don't worry, you can still control your own PCs (in other matches).

See the character creation guidelines here.

Opportunities for role-play will exist, but will be purely player led and won't affect the overall game. Despite this, the game is firmly set within Golarion and your character should fit within the world of Golarion as well.

Kevst, in Isles of the Small Folk; Jhynn Dronano, in Rule of Law; The Spider, in Superheroic Pathfinder Adventures
Head GM in Morituri Te Salutant: Irorium Arena

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This looks great, Ozzy. Hasn't been a good arena game advertised on here for quite some time, and they seem to be the longest lasting.

The first matches should begin next week, there is still time to submit your characters!

Good to know. I'm pretty much done, so what I need now are victims.

The first two matches have begun and just finished their first round!

Here are the threads for the first two matches:
Fresh Meat: Level 1, Week 1, PVE
Thrown to the Lions: Level 4, Week 1, PVE

There will be as many matches per week as there are players (and as many as GMs can accommodate), so please step into the ring and enter your gladiator for the chance at fame and glory!

We need just one more 1st level character to start our next 1st level match. We need another two 4th level characters to start our next 4th level match. Get in on this now or you'll end up starting at Week 2 and be behind the other gladiators!

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