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GURPS Fantasy

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GURPS - Fantasy

Game Description
System - GURPS 4th Edition
Genre - Fantasy
Points: 300 (some restrictions)
Forum: here

It's been a couple decades since your parents arrived in the penal colony of Anatolia. While the lands around are fair and bountiful, metal is inexplicably devoid in the region. Two previous expeditions were sent into the interior. Neither were ever heard from again. Chafing under the stodgy rules of the elders, you jump at the chance to join a third expedition. This is a game of exploration and discovery.

Rules and play style
There are some house rules that will help players understand this world and appropriately shape their characters to fit. If your gaming preference is to fast forward to the next combat, this is not the game for you. If your character is a narrowly focused combat king, this game is not for you. If you want the opportunity to develop a rich world with NPC's and characters that you help create, then welcome aboard. I'm open to listening to other interpretations. Please be willing to accept that just because it's in the book may not mean that it works for this world. RAW is fine, I am a firm believer in RAI.

Posting Rate
I prefer to have a turn post that resolves all actions for the turn. I expect players to post daily during the week. I will assume the PC is staring at an ant walking across their foot if there are no posts for two days. Even an OOC post that you have no actions will be sufficient.

About your GM
I've been playing and GMing games since the late 80's. My experience runs the gamut of genre's over that time. I play and GM on several online boards. My games tend to run combat light. Combat is generally a culmination of events rather than the random encounter of the day. Expect that you will need to role-play ideas and puzzle solving with a die roll. I give bonuses to good explanations and cooperative gaming for those rolls. I generally subtract from die rolls used to do the thinking.
I've successfully run groups through this campaign several times, though this will be the first pbp version.
I do work full time, and go to school part time. Gaming in my hobby.

Game Description:

And the world was sundered. Mountains arose from what were once flatlands. Lakes dried up. Rivers shifted their course. Civilization was crushed. The humans were destroyed and driven from the old land.

But intelligence persists; a few dwarves survived the upheavals of their mountain homes. Here a family of elves found refuge in a forest oasis upon the tormented prairie. There a tribe of goblins eked out an existence on the carrion of a devastated land.

Time passed.

The land recovered, the races grew into kingdoms. History was forgotten. The old lands were as if they had never been. Rare was it for one race to meet another or to even know there were others that existed. Ancient magic’s from wars long past still pervaded the land. Dangerous was it to travel through the wilderness, for though the races had been slow to recover, the wildlife had not.

A thousand years pass.

Six large ships sail into a large bay. Humans have once again set foot upon the land of Ento’bithia. Finding a rich and bountiful landscape the ships are dismantled and an outpost is started. A year later six more ships arrive with settlers, tradesmen, and their families. Every year, for the next ten years, six ships arrive and are dismantled. All know that to attempt to return to their homeland is a sure death. Only here in this new world is there a chance at life for themselves and their families.

And my set of glass vials, and assorted cantrips that definitely aren't just sleight of hand tricks. Probably a mule too. I think I have some pots and a pan. No forks though.

@natural19 -- You can have it. GURPS characters are expensive enough, and character with magic at all are points-starved enough; I don't play "Perception and will are bought from 10." No. All yours.

Its definitely different that's for sure.

Its nearly impossible to use Gurps Character Sheet program to build a character.

Also: Its not like we couldn't have had multiple archers anyway. Maybe specializing in different noncom skills, but possible. But the house rules are the house rules, unless the gm changes them.

GCS has 'decoupled IQ and Per/Will cost' as an option under Edit: Preferences, at least in my version (which may be older). Worth a looksie, anyway.


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