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Nation Building game looking for more!

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Nation Building game looking for more!

Tribes of Lost Valley - Forum

See title. There's already a fair few people signed up, but the game hasn't begun yet, and more players are welcome!

Tribes of Lost Valley is a nation building game, where players each take control of their own tribe in the Valley, and work to advance them to greatness. The game will be played via both a discord server and the Weave, where I will create private channels/threads for each nation to give me their actions and rolls. This doesn't mean you're playing alone though- through expanding and exploring, players can and will encounter each other, and be able to interact, trade, and learn from their neighbors- or wage war on them, your choice. When you find other players, another hidden discord channel/Weave thread will be made so you can roleplay with each other.

Don't want to/Can't join the discord for any reason? Totally fine! Just let me know and I will happily be the go between.

Want to join the game? Apply here or in the discord via PM (I own the server, under the same nickname as here). It's really easy and straightforward. Also read the rules here - they may be long, but they're simple and straightforward- and join the discord server (though again, it's optional for Weave players):

A couple more things:

- The game log ( ) will be updated infrequently detailing the major/exciting events of the game.

- I plan to update frequently, but the game won't stall if people miss turns. There will be make-up turns if you miss some!

And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask, either here, or in the OOC forum:

EDIT: Game log updated with a short blurb about existing tribes.

Game Description:

As humanity's population exploded, so did its technological abilities. In the 24th century, this growth came to a head in what many called science's crowning achievement- time travel. It was originally the property of the scientific community, but it wasn't long before the technology was in widespread commercial use, with zoos showcasing prehistoric beasts springing up all throughout the world and becoming incredibly popular.

Everything went smoothly, until the equipment of one of these zoos malfunctioned, sending the zoo and the surrounding area back millions of years into the past. It wasn't long before the power started going out, cut off from the grid, and the zoo's specimens broke free, joining the strange new wildlife of the Lost Valley.

Now, thousands of years into this new and strange 'future', humanity in the valley still clings on, though in a much different state, split into various small tribal groups, using primitive technology that's a shadow of its former self. But the winds of change are blowing- some believe it's time to rise up, and carve a better home for themselves out of this primitive world.

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Forgot one last thing- the Tech level of the game. It's a mix of high tech and low tech. At game start, Tribes will be very early middle-ages in terms of what they possess, but they can uncover the technology of the past if they work hard enough.

Twelve nations have signed up! The game starts Thursday evening (PST) if anyone else wants to join at the start of things.


The game has reached capacity. Feel free to follow along though, and if anyone drops out, sign ups will open again.

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