Shriff Belor Hemlock

Sheriff Belor Hemlock
The grim sheriff of Sandpoint
Sheriff Belor Hemlock was just a constable when Chopper hit Sandpoint. With a drop of pure luck as well as with decisiveness and persistence typical to his Shoanti heritage, he was the one to catch the villain. Unfortunately, before Belor could stop Chopper, the previous sheriff was also murdered by chopper's hands. In the emergency election that followed a week later, the people of Sandpoint made him the official sheriff, and Belor became the first Shoanti sheriff of Sandpoint. Honored and eager to live up to his predecessor's legacy, Belor changed his last name from Viskalai to its Chelish translation, Hemlock - a choice that has endeared him to Sandpoint's mostly Chelish populace but hasn't sat well with his brother Garridan, owner of the White Deer Inn.