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What's The Difference between D&D 3.5 And Pathfinder?

Originally Posted by Sorithar View Post
The same is true of the "t" and "f", which continently spells "Pft…"
You neglected the "h" and "i" making it "pfthi"

Originally Posted by leons1701 View Post
Really, there are WAY too many niggling little differences to list.
Quite so. There's an argument that says that, in a way, asking this a bit like asking what the difference is between a washing machine and a turnip - you can list differences, obviously, but ultimately they're just two different things. Knowing that one is technically edible and the other probably isn't doesn't tell you the full story by any means. Likewise, listing some of the differences between PF and 3.5 is of limited usefulness as they are just two different systems.

That's not entirely fair - PF was based upon 3.5 and actually most of it is the same. However, they changed dozens and dozens of rules, some of them major and some of them tiny and negligible. There's also shedloads of content in each which isn't in the other - the only overlap really is the core/3.5-SRD stuff. Part of this is because of high-level/philosophical design decisions Paizo made before creating PF (no dead levels, multiclassing is for munchkins, etc - though some of these have arguably been implemented poorly, and they have changed over time), and part of it is just because they just felt like changing certain rules.

"Edition wars" are banned here but if you want a discussion of the more subjective merits of each and player preferences, this thread gave a pretty good explanation of some of them whilst managing to stay civil and on-topic for a remarkably long time.

For me, the most exciting difference is Pathfinder's Combat Maneuver Bonus and Combat Maneuver Defence.

All the things you might want to do in combat besides hitting someone - tripping, disarming, grappling, throwing sand in their face, are covered by a convenient subsystem. Grappling is still a bit of a headache, but on the whole it's much more streamlined than 3.x

Also in 3.x, with your racial ability score modifiers, most core races net a +0 (+2 to one, -2 to another), while in Pathfinder they net a +2 (+2 to to two, -2 to another). Elves are more intelligent, dwarves are more wise. It's a minor difference, but it caught my eye.

In pathfinder the fire giants have more hit points a higher ac and to hit with the same cr. They also have perception so are much more likely to spot a sneak. This is counter acted by 1d6 less fire damage on their thrown boulders. These isolated facts can be used to make inferences about the 2 games. I do know the inferences will likely be invalid.


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