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Calling all Cypher Game Players

Old timey MW account here, resurrecting to join the Cypher System ranks. Thanks TatteredKing, for the invite.

Good Afternoon,

I have had some attrition in a couple of my Cypher games and would like to backfill shortly. I am looking for 1-2 players for the current game.


I want to be added to list however i don't have numenera(definitely butchered name) or strange instead i have unmasked, predation, gods of fall, extended worlds and core system.

@Greenstalker. I'll add you to the list. If my one Numenera game does die, I'd be looking to start something that is not Numenera or The Strange. However, it is easy enough to play a character built for Core Cypher in Numenera or The Strange, if the GM allows it


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