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Do You Find It Easy Or Hard To Create An Original Character

I find it easy to think up an original character, but I haven't been playing any system long enough to quickly do the mechanics side of things. So for me, that part makes it hard. Because I don't know what races have good (or hilariously bad) synergy with what classes or what feats and items work well with what I'm trying to come up with, and I always end up having to do a lot of research to get that done.

+1, most of my characters are generic level bland at creation, they develop only with time and interesting situations.

I come up with characters really easily. It's developing their personalities past simple points that can be hard for me. But I'll end up doing it over time.

For me it varies a lot. Sometimes an idea I like pops into my head right away and I immediately know how I want the character to look and behave. Other times it's a bit more tentative and I find myself going back and forth a lot and the final result might be very different from the initial concept

In both cases it always helps a lot to roleplay the character a couple of times to get a feel of the mindset required to play them, or to make adjustments if needed. I agree with previous posters that flexibility is important

I like to have a certain amount of similarity in characters. I think it can rely help to world build when you keep certain character traits that show up often for different races, regions, religions etc... I feel it helps give that sense of dealing with different cultures.


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