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Legend of the Five Rings - character sheet development

Legend of the Five Rings - character sheet development

Attention all L5R GMs and players,

I'm about to boot up development of a MW sheet for your game. If you have interest or suggestions for this effort, by all means post them here! First off, I need to know whether the sheet linked below is accurate for the version currently in play (4E?), and if there are parts of it that need expansion/replacement/whatnot to make it conform to how the game is really played. Detailed questions or comments about the layout can wait until I have a prototype up for your perusal, though I'll listen if there's something that you're just dying to get off your chest

Let's get this party started!

L5R 4E Character Sheet


That sheet is indeed current. For broad-strokes things, I'd say that for most characters only the first two pages are strictly necessary. Casters and monks want page 4 as well, but just about everyone can live without 3 and 5. (In my experience, very few games go past IR5 [that is to say, five technique slots] and very few characters take more than three kata.)

The only other things I'd say are:

1. Split off a separate section for skills that's exactly seen entries long and label it "school skills." There are some mechanics that care about which skills are school skills, and it would be extremely nice to be able to see what's what at a glance.

2. Remove "And Mastery abilities" from the skills section and make a new text-box section entitled Masteries. Mastery abilities are long enough that trying to write them out in such a small field would be impossible.

Personally I use the 3rd edition sheet still. I prefer the layout and it has plenty of boxes for the best info on the front page. None of the data is outdated on the sheet itself except the formula for calculating TN that I'm aware of.


If we were to start from scratch I'd have boxes somewhere on the front page for what is rolled at the three stages of an iaijutsu duel as well so it's nice and handy.

Ooh, I've never seen that before! (Yeah, I'm new to the series with this edition, so sue me.) I'm not a huge fan of not having the space to write out the techniques, and I'd still like a split-off section for School Skills, but other than those small quibbles I wholeheartedly second Ben here.

I prefer the 3rd ed one as well. A place for a check box or an X works well for school skills as well. The only other thing for Emphasis'. I would love a blank section to type in my own regularly rolled skills and what their R/K rolls are. Since so much can influence it, prolly just a text block?

I also prefer the 3rd edition character sheet layout. Its just more appealing to me.

Ok, so I'll use the 3e sheet as a base and work in school skills somehow. As for the dueling, I am not familiar enough to say what those things are; I play 7th Sea, so I'm good with roll and keep but not the L5R specifics.

I've always just did a "*" in front of school skills. A check box would be available if we want something custom but not that many schools have a school skill mechanic.

Thanks for adding an L5R sheet, Mordae. It's cool that this site exists in the first place, and having an L5R sheet will definitely enrich my experience here. Seriously, it's very much appreciated. Thank you.

In terms of specifics, I like both editions sheets, but I agree with the sentiment that it'd be nice to see there be a way to denote which skills are school skills.

Originally Posted by Lord Ben View Post
I've always just did a "*" in front of school skills. A check box would be available if we want something custom but not that many schools have a school skill mechanic.
I do the same, I think that having something outside of that would simply be a "Nice to have" more then anything else. I would rather see a R&K calc more then anything else... and Dice support to connect into this would be AWESOME


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