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The Sport of War

Mm, I did consider having a general "Husk" version where I'd denote what was standardized before moving on. Such as the fact that all armors are between size -1 and size 1 with size 0 being the standard. They need to fit the pieces inside yeah? Also, I'd rather avoid the situation where a player decides to make his mech some sort of combined mech/life support system and have it as powered armor. I've had people tr that crap before out of worry that I'd have them jumped in the night.

So, they wanted to be a permenant Ironman?

If I were to do power/battle suit type deals, I'd do it like the in Appleseed or the from Mechwarrior.

Keramane - I don't remember if MnM 3e had it, but Mnm 2e had rules for "gestalt" characters and even uses a picture of 5 mechs combining as the art for the power set. I dont remember the details, but I think each "part" still had access to some powers while the "lead" part had most of them. Like the lead part would be engaging in melee combat while the other parts would be aiming kick attacks and shooting lazers.

Personally, I would rather play in a group and play individually than combine

I think you can def do power level X concepts, you just have to go about it logically. A lot of MP mech games do this (chromehounds being my favirote)

Power level 10 heavy weapon mech - slow, incredibly tough, incredibly damaging. Basically all points go into survivability, size and damage

power level 10 sniper mech - Bigger long range guns, faster, not dodgey

power level 10 scout - all points going into speed, dodging, few points into weapon systems.

Small note:

M&M 3e does have a Mecha & Manga suppliment that has rules for building mechs.

You don't really need a supplement though, MnM is great for creation of insane things. I played a 1 shot where everyone made nintendo themed characters at PL 10. I played as Mario, we had a bowser (flavored as a guy in a battlesuit), a peach, a link and a Kirby.

Well, in either case, they are both still d20 systems so a minor tweak here or there, not that I think it needs tweaks because I've been using it with 3e <.<' , and it'll fit just fine with 3e.

Yeah Gestalt is 2e, ANYWHO, I'ma say no to combining mechs >_> As far as books, I'm sticking with the core for 3e since that's all I got.

It's really not hard to make mecha with the core rules. I mean yeah, it doesn't say rocket punch but Damage (Ranged) aka Blast can easily do the job, no?

Anywho, finalizing some more stuff then I'll get to work on making a forum, then lastly, the ad. Damned Towns game on steam has my bloody attention, addictive little city builder...


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