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Dr. Klaus von Braun's Tent

"It would seem that she brought some to share with all of us," Friedrich points out dryly. "But it would be rude of us not to offer her a seat." With that, Friedrich actually looks to Eileen and says, "Please, sit down and take a load off. There is less formality here, but it comes with a healthy dose of peevishness that never seems to remove itself."

Findy MacLean

Findy let the conversation drift over her for a while while she sorted through the data. "Given what we know about Stargates," she says eventually, "I find it unlikely that Stonehenge is another gate. For one thing, there are several circles of standing stones-- Avebury for instance-- in the UK besides Stonehenge, and there's no way to run multiple gates on a planet at once. The coordinate system isn't that refined. It's why the Russians couldn't effectively operate their own program in competition with the one the Yanks were running at the time. For another thing, the standing stones here are the dialing device, not the gate. The gate, aside from the number of chevrons looks quite similar to other stargates. I'm beginning to think we might be taking the wrong approach here, though. It might be possible, and given the readings I've looked at thus far, it seems likely, to program a dialing computer with the more familiar set of spatial coordinates as a sort of translator program, sync it with the time system-- assuming we can determine how it works-- and set it to dial the Earth gate in the more or less 'present' to gate us all home. "

Sarah stirs and pushes herself up to a seated position, rubbing her eyes tiredly. "We have a gate that can loop back on itself. I think we need to consider that anything is possible, at this point, including this thing not playing by any rules we think we know."

She crouches forward and cradles her head in her hands, then continues very deliberately and slowly, as if the effort of speaking and thinking at the same time is almost beyond her, "There are plenty more addresses to try, but the eleven we have tried so far just seem to point to relative times on this planet, and we don't even know where this planet is," she grouses.

Turning her head slowly to look at Findy she adds, "A translation program would be great, but we don't have the Rosetta Stone to go between normal glyphs and what we have here in order to find Earth. Its going to take time to get there." She then slowly turns her head to look between Klaus, Friedrich, and Eileen, "In the mean time, I think we need to work on finding Sawyer's mythical civilization along the timeline on this planet and get there. There is a wealth of information in the Henge that I'm sure we have yet to tap into. But if we try and get it from this point in geologic time, we'll all freeze to death first. "

Klaus looks sharply at Sarah, then grins and grabs the bottle of peatreek that Findy had brought, noting as he does that it's almost half-consumed. He thrusts the glass container in Eileen's direction. "Zhe ist being as grumpy as me, it zeems. You may need zis." Scratching at the stubble on his chin, he considers what Sarah had to say. "Zarah, you bring up a gut point, but zome disadvantages are advantages here. If ve kan in fact move through time--unt ve figure out how to move through zpace also--zen ve have a chance to close zis loop."

"Hrm. I wonder how you introduce a plague and pull it away with you when you leave," Friedrich muses to himself. "Now, what looks like a plague that may not in fact be...?" He rubs his chin thoughtfully, then looks up quickly to Sarah. "Well, what think you? Presents as a plague but leaves with the host."

Sarah shifts uncomfortably under Klaus's gaze and frowns at his assertion that she is being grumpy. But before she can blunder out a reply to the man, Friederich speaks and she turns her attention to the linguist.

She scrunches up her face and stares at Friederich. He can almost see the gears turning in her head. "Um... Well, lots of things could be like a plague," she comments, still not quite grasping the question. "Viruses, parasites, bacteria, fungi.... But eventually anything that is called a plague tends to kill the host. The only hope is containment or vaccination or if you are lucky innate immunity. I'm not sure I'm following where you are going."

Friedrich nods his head impatiently, and then as soon as she's finished speaking, responds with, "Right, right. But let's say that the group of us were here in this tent, and Eileen who just came in, no offense meant, Eileen, was bearing... something. We start getting ill, and we call it a plague. Eileen leaves, and suddenly we all get better. What would look like that?"

"Other than someone needs to shower or is wearing too much perfume?" Sarah asks sarcastically. "Magic, or at least some power we don't fully understand. Sort of like..." she unconsciously directs an incredibly fleeting glance towards Klaus, then flushes and hastily continues "um... Is this an ascended power or something?"

"Radiation poisoning." Klaus chuckles, glancing at Eileen. "Don't tell me you have been nibbling ze nakvadriah again, Frau Major."

"Radiation poisoning! Brilliant!" Friedrich looks actually enthusiastic and wholly happy now. "Now, do we have radiation readings on the Hope?"

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