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The Sport of War

Right I've read it all now and I must say, it's well thought through

I hope this will launch because it sounds very awesome.

This reminds me of a movie from the mid 80's though I can't remember its name. It focused more on gladiators and what they went through to train for their nations.

I'd be very interested in seeing how you are using MnM to create these and what power level you are thinking. How big are these mechs?

I will confess, I was inspired from a multitude of sources (Gundam Wing, Code Gaess, Mechwarrior) and amalgamated them with a twist, one of those eureka moments on the porcelain throne.

Anywho, the way I see it, players will be PL 6-ish, maybe 8, having no powers save for those explainable by excelling in some ways (Speed 1 for great athletes, Senses: Rapid for speed readers sure; no eye beams) and PL 10 for the mechs.

The Mechs would be power arrays, really. They would have some implicit powers (a couple levels of Protection, Immunity to the rigors of space, such and the like) which would make them cheaper for players to tinker with, but I would give plenty of leeway for customization. Since it's a sport, you can imagine that having a wacky mech concept would be good and bad, and likely promoted.

I think the only limitations I would place would be No Magic, no Time Travel, and No Space travel. The latter being because a FTL engine is monsterously huge and impossible to fit in a mech. I'm on the fence about teleport, since it's not in the tech capabilities yet. If someone wants it, they'll have to sell me on the idea ahead of time.

Also, I'd restrict the size to be nothing larger than Size 1 (60 feet tall) which is still a respectable Growth Rank 12 so there really shouldn't be any complaints. Any larger and the mech couldn't be dropped by drop pods or ship-born launch systems, making it less a vehicle and more a structure.

As it stands, I'm highly considering throwing down an Ad within the next week or so, once I've gotten a little free time to work on NPC's and the like. I've not even named half of the Unjudged that players would be working with. XD

*points at his screen name*

I am all over this.... Hell, already an amalgum of plenty of mecha shows, might as well throw in a little Appleseed as well. *wistles innocently*

Originally Posted by djdemiko View Post
This reminds me of a movie from the mid 80's though I can't remember its name.
Were you thinking of Robot Jox? That's immediately what came to my mind. They basically did something similar but the matches were one on one. Cool set up.

Reaper - YES Robot Jox, man child-me LOVED the hell out of that movie. SO BAD. Google it and watch the fight scenes lol.

Keramane - I'm thinking about a scout type mech. A lot of movement powers (super jumping, speed, wall climbing, maybe a hook shot) Not very large but very very agile. A lot of sensory powers. Maybe picking assistance type powers, things that lower the enemies capabilities or enhance allies attack. Flavoured as scanning tech.

"Roger that guys, my scans just picked up an unusual energy reading, I think I discovered a weak plate over a power core, aim your attacks at the starboard paneling under the arm."

Maybe one strong attack that has a large power draw weakness.

Originally Posted by Reaper314 View Post
Were you thinking of Robot Jox? That's immediately what came to my mind. They basically did something similar but the matches were one on one. Cool set up.
For the more contemporary among us (and yes I've seen Robot Jox), you could also use the example of the more recent move Real Steel, but they would be mech-sized instead of humanoid-sized.

... Jumbo Fiver combine!

Oh gawd, combining mechs... while awesome, it would be a GM nightmare XD

Yeah it could be a pain, though probably moreso for the players. After all in combat, you can't really let 5 people take turns at once, or if you do the nightmare (frame ) goes to the GM. But build wise I considered that say your base Vehicles are PL 10. Simple thing would be to add a PL for each vehicle added or some such, so 5 combined mechs would be PL14. Then you simply make a sheet for the combined form and ignore the individual stats while combined.

Hm. I like the idea, but for the mechs, if I were GM, I would probably make a couple at, say, TL 8 or 9, with some options for the characters to make them up to TL 10. Like, all 'Class 6 Mechs' might be heavy-armored, bipedal mechs with a laser cannon, but some might have more armor, others might have stealth technology, etc. depending on character choices.

That way, the different mechs would be at least somewhat standardized, while letting the characters pick what they wanted specifically.

But that's mainly because, as a player, I am lazy, and horrible at min-maxing; and in a game like this, if the players aren't balanced with each other, and the competition, things could get difficult.


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