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The Sport of War

I'll post a full list, but it's basically common sense stuff. No time travel, dimension travel, interstellar flight, I'll be putting a hard cap on speed/flight ranks, because having mechs cross the world in a round is a bit nuts (You have dropships for a reason). There will be an IMPLIED fuel limitation on the mechs, meaning that they need to have some downtime to recharge and some maintenance, but that it will be in a more sideline sense, between missions.

I'll work on it tonight, actually, since I've finally given up on Towns. It's fun-ish, until you realize that you do better in that game when you're -not- giving commands, and it's no fun to play a game that plays itself.

This game has gone from planning to Advertised.

Ad can be found Here

Closing this thread. Thanks for all the feedback all!


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