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OOC Discusion for Burnt Offerings

I do like the idea of praying at midnight.

Originally Posted by IamVoivode View Post
I do like the idea of praying at midnight.
I was thinking more of something like the spells come to your head in dreams while you sleep, but yeah... midnight is cool.
Its around midnight now. So if Hai`ta prays now or goes to sleep he will have spells within an hour or so...

I do think the bridge is a better option, but its up to you...
Climbing down "Awar's shaft" is next to impossible. The surface is uneven with some narrow handholds and footholds (DC20) and it is slippery from seawater (+5 to DC). Being narrow enough for medium creatures to brace against the side-walls, (-5DC), the final DC would be "only" 20. Its at least 60ft deep, probably more than that, and you don't know what awaits below except sea water. There might be a secret tunnel to the island, but just as well there might be a cave filled with water where you will spend the rest of your short life drowning.
If you find a route or a boat to the base of the island cliffs, climbing up the island cliffs is also not an easy task. They are 80ft high, with rough surface that provides plenty footholds and handholds, but again it is slippery. The DC is 15.

You move 1/4 your speed for every check you succeed, so each character will need several rolls to go down, and if you find a way to swim to the island, you will need several more rolls to climb up.
None of you have more than +1 in climb skill, and half of you have less than 0 with your armors on.

so now seems a good time to remind you guys my str score sucks. I think I'd end up a yellow splotch on the ground.

Originally Posted by Ariel_Shatil View Post
I think divine spells and arcane spells are a little different regarding the rest needed.

Awar needs 8 hours of rest before he can learn his daily spells. An interruption in the resting period (like a combat) adds 1 hour. So now Awar needs 3.5 hours of sleep to complete the 8 hours cycle, plus 1 hour because of the interruption, and another 1 hour to actually read his books.

However, any spell you used in the 8 hours before studying your spell book is counted against your daily allotment. As far as I remember Awar used Color Spray, Vanish, and some kind of Detect Scrying(?!) (not sure what was that last spell he used).
This is news to me, lol. The many years I've played and run Pathfinder games, and I continue to learn about new rules. The last one was detect magic, but being an orison I expect I can still cast that, right?

Lurr and Hai`ta don't need any rest. They just have to wait for that special time of the day that is most sacred to them and then they can study and replenish their spell slots... I don't think we've set such a time for our characters, but good examples could be dawn (when Shelyn's songbirds wake up) for Lurr and midnight (when the most terrible/pleasant dreams occur) or sunrise/sunset (when the veil between worlds is thinnest) for Hai`ta.

Anyway... unless you stop him, Gogmurt is on his way to do his part of the deal. What do you decide to do?
To clarify, Art lets him do that. He thinks it may prove advantageous: self interest will likely lead Gogmurt to do as he says, for now, and if the goblin ruler believes Gogmurt's lie, he'll also believe the party has been dispatched and will therefore not expect an attack from them.

So bridge it is.
Are you going there now? Wait for morning? Come back tomorrow or another day? What do you do in the meantime?

If we can heal most of our hp while doing so, I vote we take a 4.5 hour nap to at least partially recover before heading in while still dark out (it's probably worth at least one of my spell slots to go back at night). I think at least two of us suggested in-character not to rest in the briar, too; in the woods would perhaps be a better choice (not very far from the briar, just far enough to not be easily tracked or spotted by goblins passing by... again...).

Btw, did we find out when Nualia is planning the next goblin raid from Tsuto's diary (or elsewhere)? I can't seem to track that info down, thanks.

If we have good reason to believe the raid will not be for another day, we should fully recover (8+ hours) and come back the next night. I expect that's not the case, so unless ther's a compelling reason to wait longer, let's go with the 4.5 hours of rest and prep.

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