Catastrophic Failure

Welp, thankfully my GM backs all of our characters up on Hero Lab. That was my only sheet on here that I really cared about. I will echo the appreciation for the straightforward explanation and apology, and I will continue to use this service. After these sorts of "tragedies" (blahblah first-world problems) is when the best work gets done in terms of improving things, especially as we have seen thus far. It does show the importance of having extra backups though, and I appreciate the extra options you've given us for that.

Erm... the sheets no longer auto-calculate. Intended or an unforeseen side affect?

woolyfsh2, there's been no reported issue with autocalc. Please post in Site Discussion with links to relevant sheets and a description of your problem.

*sigh* I cant be mad at you...I cant, accidents happen. but that does not change the fact I lost so many characters. on the plus side, my original character on this site was saved and he is arguably the most important one to me. hes back at his original level (level 12 as I joined a campaign fairly late) but hes still there to save in case something else like this happens which I pray it does not...but at the risk of redundancy...accidents happen.


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