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Hey! A reference I almost know! That was an old black & white short starring Vincent Price (perhaps on Twilight Zone?)

Originally Posted by hakootoko View Post
Hey! A reference I almost know! That was an old black & white short starring Vincent Price (perhaps on Twilight Zone?)
It was a lovecraft novel first.

Characters being suckered into deals with demons/devils/whatever is pretty classic and there's scope for a lot of fun there.

I agree that the "loss leader" thing seems a bit strange but it would work if the characters knew what they were getting into in the first place or perhaps even performed the task first - they probably wouldn't even agree if the task was (potentially) a big deal. If you're a demon and you've persuaded them to give you a blank cheque, though, I don't see that you'd let them off the hook. Another alternative is that the task seems simple, but quickly grows more complicated - perhaps in the process of trying to complete it, the characters get themselves into a sticky situation which requires them to get bailed out by the demon, incurring another debt?

Of course, the characters might also have bigger things that they want to ask of the demon which they don't get at first - the first deal is a small boon for a small task, to "prove" the demon's trustworthiness, but perhaps the demon only picks people who it knows it can tempt later with a bigger reward?

Originally Posted by Cyber_Goddess View Post
You're also assuming that the being they're dealing with is a demon. Or some other evil creature.
Yeah. There was a game I applied for where somebody had traded an hour of their life for great power or wealth at the Witchmarket. So it's a fey that's in charge of what they're doing.

Didn't get accepted, though.

I was assuming it was a "demon/devil/whatever". Either way, it presumably has some kind of motivation.

The Witchmarket game did seem pretty promising. Didn't the DM disappear before it even started, though?

Anyway it's certainly a solid enough premise for a game.


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