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Groundhog day, but tougher - no spoilers pleez

Groundhog day, but tougher - no spoilers pleez

A movie that is out on Netflix called ARQ - pronounced Arc - is a netflix original movie [I think] about a man who is caught in a time loop from a hyper efficient power generator and keeps waking up at 6:16 AM after he dies.

For those who have seen it, Thoughts and opinions?

Um, there was an old made for TV movie called 12:01, which sounds like the exact same thing. 12:01 came out about the same time as Groundhog day, but was overall a much better movie. (The plot actually made sense, there was a reason for the time bounce, stopping it was central to the plot, etc.)

I wonder if that is on Netflix . . . . . nope. I will have to find that another way. I m intrigued.

I'm sure they have the disk available.

Watched the movie. That was... interesting.
Looks like something I would expect from the Syfi channel, but not as bad as Asylum Studios. It was, OK. ish. I think I'll stick to 12:01. Sure, it's an early 90s rom-com DTV in a corporate office, but it is much more cheerful what a discount 2010's post apocalyptic confined to a house in a poorly defined society.

Yeah, I saw a lot of tropes in the movie making it "Ish" to me as well.

I do not have netflix full access. I only have the cheap streaming.

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