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A PC Walks Into a Bar...

A PC Walks Into a Bar...

(This is a thread to drop in and out of with whichever characters you're playing and interact with other peoples' characters. Drop in and out as it amuses you. Bring characters from anywhere. Anything goes. But be a respectful RPer--you only your own character. EXCEPTION: everyone controls THE BARTENDER. She speaks like Death (in bold Times New Roman, all uppercase) and can make any drink you ask for. She's unwilling to do anything but make drinks and float ominously.

Fights only between folks who consent to fighting--the vast and incomprehensible cosmic forces that run this establishment won't be amused.)

ActionsYou didn't recall ever seeing the door before you. But something in the back of your mind eggs you on. On the other side, you see a barroom. It's dignified and timeless affair with dark wooden paneling and comfortable green leather barstools. Similarly decorated booths are tucked away at the corner of the room.

Behind the bar, there is a shadowy being whose silhouette looks vaguely human and vaguely female. Behind her (?) there is a vast array of bottles. Indeed, something seems off about the wall--staring too long give you the impression that it's infinite.

You hear a voice ringing in your head: "WHAT WILL YOU ORDER?"

Flaming purple carrot juice. In a glass with a handle, please. Bit empty in here tonight, eh?


Toby the Magician walks in. "I'll have a Martini. A very strong one, I seriously need to gather my thoughts after I got beaten in a card game by 5 women and a blonde playboy."

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