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101 Fun and Interesting ways for PCs to meet that don't start 'at the tavern'

Originally Posted by saturnblues View Post
They all woke up, on a pile of discarded bodies, in the underdark.
They all wake up, on a pile of their own bodies, in the Underdark.

Originally Posted by MysticMonkey View Post
Recently deceased. Undead campaign!
No. Well, I mean, sure yes. But also waking up alive on their own corpse pile.

There's always the Shadowrun version of 'everyone meets at a tavern': everyone goes to the same Stuffer Shack (aka 7-11), which is attacked by thugs tracking a girl and her baby for someone. Often leads to a bloodbath...

More seriously, I have used the following methods for several different games:

- PCs are each arrested for the same crime, although they have nothing to do with it. After being interrogated, they all share a cell for a few hours. Later bailed out by a lawyer, who says that the police have no right to detain any of them. (works pretty well for Shadowrun, which I honestly stole from a pre-written SR adventure, Shattered State)

- PCs are all on the same prison ship, on route to space jail and given the same cleaning task. Oh, and prison ship crash-lands on a hostile planet and now they gotta band together to survive. (Currently running this - my murderhobo wife managed to bite another convict's finger off because she could, and kept it as a souvenir)

- PCs all grew up in the same small village, which is attacked by bandits and they have to escape and band together to survive. Bonus points if you manage to get the PCs to come up with how each is connected to the others.

- PCs were each selected for a top secret mission. Some have additional secret orders that may conflict with the others (good for a RP-centric group who enjoy both character growth and character conflict).


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