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Punctuation, Square Brackets and the Phantom Newline

Punctuation, Square Brackets and the Phantom Newline

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tl;dr: If you're near the end of an input box and you have a preexisting square bracket code ahead, and you type a punctuation mark like a comma, your next use of the spacebar creates a new line instead of a space.

I'm someone who likes to format my posts. Extensively. I'm using fieldsets, spoilers, floated images, coloured character speech, the works. So there's a lot of code floating around in each post, and typing it from scratch is a pain. So, I quote my previous post, I delete all the non-formatting elements, and I type a new character post.

This means there's a whole bunch of [/fieldset] and [/COLOR] and whatnot hanging around on the lines I am typing. I have found an error where, if you are typing a sentence, and you are in-line with an existing code like the two above, and you get to the end of the line so the tag drops onto the next line, and you use a piece of punctuation (most commonly for me, a comma), then a space, that space is replaced by a newline character. No matter how many times you press backspace and then space again, it reproduces.

This doesn't occur if you preemptively push the tag to a new line yourself, so you're typing on a clean line. It only happens when nearing the right-hand side of the input box, and only if you use a piece of punctuation.

Any idea what causes this? Is it fixable, or should I just get used to manually removing all these phantom newline characters from my post/preventing them by pushing the formatting code to the next line?

EDIT: An example

Some random text goes in here. Type the text until you get over to the right-hand side of the page.
And whoops, there's a new line. I did not once press "enter" while typing this example message.

If you type the above for yourself, creating the color tags FIRST, you will observe the phenomenon.

EDIT2: The forums didn't always have this bug. I've made my posts this way (or some variation thereof) for years and years, and I have only noticed this in the last 6 months or so, if memory serves.

Okay, good to know I'm at least not crazy! Thanks for the speedy reply as always, Rodrigo.

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