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Character Creation Guidelines

Character Creation Guidelines

This thread is used for questions about character creation and for build discussion. Each character should be posted in their own thread in this folder. Feel free to ask me and the other characters questions. I'd prefer more general questions go here, while more targeted PC to PC questions go in the respective character threads. Below are the rules for character creation, and below that are rulings that have come up.

Creation RulesSources: 1st party PF stuff from the PFSRD, the Strange Aeons Player's Guide, and Feat Tax Removal guidelines. If someone wants a 3rd party source, let me know what it is and what you have in mind for it (crunch and flavour).
Races: Core, Featured, Uncommon, and
No noble drow
Standard races.
Abilities: 25pt buy
Level: 1
HP: Max at first, roll afterwards with a
If you roll a d6, you can get 4 to 6.
If you roll a d10, you can get 6 to 10.
minimum of average rounded up.
Skills: Background Skills.
Starting Wealth: Max for class.
Traits: Two traits, preferably one from the Player's Guide. Other Campaign traits are off limits. Third trait for a Drawback.
Writing: A description (picture and/or text) and personality/mannerisms. These are more like guidelines, as I expect some characters may change a bit over the course of play and getting comfortable.

Requirements: Read through the Strange Aeons Player's Guide. It'll have some extra information on the setting, the feel, and some campaign traits that can be taken.

NOTE: This campaign does involve the PC's having amnesia. While it is not a requirement, I highly suggest you play along. It help to set in the mystery of the story. It doesn't have to be total amnesia, though you can play that way if you want. So you are free to have a backstory sensible for a level one character, but it cuts out a year/year an a half from the game. In addition, unlike many campaigns, this one works decently whether or not the party knows each other beforehand. So you all can decide which direction they wish to go there. I will likely be checking in with each player on things.

Things I like, but aren't neededThis is a list of things that I find help the process as a whole when reading over the walls of text. None of them are mandatory, they are just my opinions.

Bold for dialogue.” Colours are optional, though I'd prefer if two characters don't use the same.
Italics for thoughts.
Rolls in spoilers.
Spoiler holding a statblock summary, preferably with conditional modifiers included. I find that even if a different sheet is used, quickly filling out a MW sheet and generating the statblock is helpful for this.
I have a GSheet that runs pretty fast and is loaded with much of the basic crunch for the core classes. If you are interested let me know.

This is where rulings and updates go. Check back here if you have a question.

Rulings and suchMake sure to put your roll20 SN on your character sheet so I can add you to the game once I get that set up.

What about XP/Leveling?
I'll be running this off a checkpoint system. Once you reach certain parts in the story, I'll inform the party that they've leveled up! This'll save me from having to do finagling with XP gain from party sizes, gives us both less numbers to track, will make sure the party doesn't have to do random side quests that break immersion to get back on XP track, and will make sure that you're always the right level for the important encounters.

And because I forgot to state it before, though I mentioned it in the planning thread, we'll be using Roll20 to handle the maps when needed. I already have some stuff set up on there, and it is better than the MW maps tool. So if you could be so kind as to put your Roll20 screen name on your sheet somewhere for me so I can add you to the game once I get it set back up, that would be great!

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