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Adventures in Ravnica

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Adventures in Ravnica

Adventures in Ravnica - Forum

The plane of Ravnica is covered by the worlds namesake city: a sprawling metropolis that houses ten guilds of great power and greater ambition. The machinations of these guilds creates intrigue, danger, peril, and opportunity in equal measure. The people of Ravnica go about their lives, attached or free of the guilds, much like all in other worlds do. And just like in other worlds, there are always those foolhardy, brave, ambitious souls who would have the gumption to call themselves adventurers. Those souls who seek personal glory, to right societal wrongs, or just get rich solving problems that others can't or simply won't. This is where you come in.

What this game is
This game will be set in MTG's world of Ravnica, using the Pathfinder system. Characters will start off unaffiliated with any of the planes ten guilds, but as their legend grows it is highly likely that the guilds will become more and more involved in the adventures the group gets into. The game begins in Precinct Five of the Tenth District, the heart of the city of Ravnica.

What I am looking for
I will be accpeting 4 to 5 characters depending on the level of interest in the game. Applications close January 25th.

Adventure introduction
You, alongside other adventurers, have become interested in a rumor focusing around Filtered Harmonics, a tavern in Precinct Five. The taverns owner, a human man named Werhin Arulm, is seeking brave souls to investigate and possibly combat the source of a rumor that is driving business down. Locals have repeatedly seen person sized vermin, rats and spiders and the likes, skulking around alleyways and congregating near a currently abandoned warehouse down the block from Filtered Harmonics. Werhin Arulm has offered a reward of 100 zino for each person who wishes to deal with this issue.

Character creation rules are found here.

Game Description:

Ravnica. A plane spanning city. Home of ten legendary guilds which control aspects of the city, and therefore the world, ranging from entertainment to law keeping to information gathering. In recent years the clashes of these guilds have risen and fallen, yet the Guildpact keeping peace has stayed in place. Until recently, where a planeswalker named Jace Beleren has become a living embodiment of this peace. So far, Ravnica and the Guildpact have been kept safe. Of course, this does not keep the cities ten guilds from their inevitable clashes, be they discreet or open to public knowledge.

Not that all are tied into these ten guilds. Many of Ravnicas citizens are guildless, favoring to go about their business without the need to pay homage to one guild or another. For many, this is an active choice. For others, it is simply because they have not gotten their shot to join a guild. What better way to gain the honor of being accepted into a guild than adventuring, doing glory for yourself and your city?

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