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Mythweavers Comics [M&M 3E or FASERIP?]

Originally Posted by AlexTGreat View Post
guess this died?

Actually, we are seeking GM's right now. Bit thin in the numbers on those. And we would by no means mind more players of course. =)

I am willing to throw my hat in for GM

@Totarion -- The most important part of GM'ing is having a good story in mind and being adaptable when we (the players) go completely off the rails. Don't fret over the mechanics so much; there are a lot of us in this one, whether signed up as GMs or not, who are totally willing to help you with the crunchybits if you need it.

Originally Posted by Totarion View Post
Never gmed M&M 3e before but what the heck, I'll try gming it too.
I'm starting a work shift right now. I'll invite you in as soon as things get quite.

I'd like to play some Mutants and Masterminds. I'm not much for DMing big adventures, but I don't mind running an event here and there. I especially like to do large multi-player roleplay story lines. Side pieces outside the primary stories.


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