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A world conquered by evil and ruled by the Lords of Sin; A unique campaign setting designed to be used with all editions of D&D.

Mass combat armies

Mass Combat Army Profile

I quickly made this little profile for myself, because I'm not able to use the awesome combat program. I figured there might be a few people in my situation as well, so decided to post it. The (+1-4) means +1 to +4, (-1-4) means -1 to -4.You should be able to make quick templates by copying and pasting into your word processor. Some might want to increase the font size, but I write small :)

Mass Combat Army Profile**
Unit Name:_______________
Unit Type:________________
Unit Starting Number:_____________
Sub-Unit 1 (Type/Number):________________
Sub-Unit 2 (Type/Number):________________
Sub-Unit 3 (Type/Number):________________
Sub-Unit 4 (Type/Number):________________


Bonus for Movement:_____________
Bonus for AC:___________________
Bonus for BAB:__________________
Bonus for Level Ratio:____________
Bonus for Outnumbering:_________
Bonus for Discipline:_____________
Bonus for Equipment:____________
Bonus for Leader Cha:____________
Bonus for Cavalry:_______________
Bonus for Superior Archers:________
Bonus for Magic:__________________
Special Situation(+1 to +15):________

Miscellaneous modifiers
Higher ground or advantageous terrain(+1-3)* ________
Defending stronghold (+5-15) ________
Defender "dug in"*(+1) ________
Two or more siege engines versus stronghold(+1-5) :________
Anti-infantry artillery*(+1):________
Extreme temperature, exposed(-1-2) :________
Dehydration(-1-3) :________
Malnutrition(-1) :________
Starvation(-2-3) :________
Disease(-1-3) :________
Disadvantageous situation (lighting, weather, etc.)(-1-3) :________
Every three defeats in one year(-1) :________
Every five victories in one year(+1) :________
Major leader killed in last month(-2) :________
50% of troops possess special feat(+1) :________
Special Units (+1-4):________
Strategy or Tactics*(+1-4) :________
* - Knowledge War Skill check
** - Fatigue not included in this profile

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