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First Characters

She was an Elven Rogue/Assassin that started with 3rd edition DnD and then changed over to 3.5 when it came out.

That campaign started out at level 3 and went all the way to level 45. We killed the Tarrasque, elder evils, and eventually The God of Magic himself, Boccob. I still remember the 18 hour session it took to kill Boccob and it was just AWESOME.

I still use that character as an NPC today.

My first character was a human rogue in 3.5. She was obsessed with shiny things and would do almost anything to get her shinies. This was when I gamed with a real life group. I always ended up late to the sessions because I had class that ended when they started. So I'd come in usually just as they were working on the last bad guy, sneak attack the bastard, and then make off with the treasure to have first pick of anything shiny or gem-like.

The DM usually would say something like this, "And then the rogue appears behind him, you see the (insert bad guy) go down and the rogue disappear. Oh and all the loot happened to disappear too."

Good times, I miss her, she did some crazy stuff. Like kill a dragon whilst falling from a mountain in mid-air. Air swimming sneak attacks are awesome. The DM was also pretty cool about letting me do anything I could think of.

Sadly I don't remember which character came first. It was one of two.

I got involved with a Shadowrun 3rd ed game along with a D&D 2nd ed game around the same time in highschool. (Within a few days of one another).

In the shaow run game I playing an Elven Cybered up Face. Though in some ways he functioned better as a street samurai. Knew everyone in the prostituition and porn industry, despite never being able to find out anything through his contacts.

I was playing essentially a Theif that ran around with a red wagon, Kama's that had fishing line attached to them and running to his belt through his sleeves. He killed his evil aligned party member that was 4 levels higher then him.

Being the paranoid Theif he was, he went to sleep in a tree. Woke up having the fighter trying to pull him down with a grappling hook. The theif snuck down another tree and backstabbed the fighter with both Kamas, with two crits. It was an amusing day.

First character was a Wizard of High Sorcery from Dragonlance CS. Terrifying anime-esque creature I still look back on and shudder in horror. I try to keep the darn thing nearby so I don't forget that I once was a newbie and had horrid ideas about what was "cool".

I can't believe I just outed myself on that one...

My first serious character (meaning I played from the start) was/is (I'm still playing her!) a favored soul of Lolth. I may not be so experienced with combat, but the roleplaying aspect is so fun. It's a 3.5e game. (:

My first "character" was my mother's fairie dragon familiar to her druid.I think his name was Orick, something like that. I think I was all of three at the time, but I remember stunning the adults at one point after being told what my mother's character could do, and offering a solution to the encounter.


A Gnome Rogue named Katnip (D&D 3.5).

Her weapon of choice was a crossbow, and she couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, but boy could she make money. She would make more gold in one session than the rest of the party would make in a level. Very dry and sardonic, and she never volunteered information unless it was urgent. For some reason, she was almost always the one to happen across the plot-important clues, which of course all of the players (but none of their characters) would hear, and then be annoyed when she didn't automatically relay the pertinent information when we regrouped. I was already an experienced free-form forum RPer at this point, so I was pretty comfortable staying in character, but some of the people I was playing with were less experienced, and they couldn't understand why my anti-social gnome wouldn't tell there characters all about the story she overheard while pick-pocketing people in the market XD . Good times.

Coincidentally, in the game I am playing now, which has most of the same players, my character is once again the only one in the loop. (This time she was sworn to secrecy.) My fellow players are going to kill me XD .

Toreador Ghoul (oWoD) turned to prostitution (to make money to her dominor) until one Brujah embraced her for spite to her dominor.

Damn I miss oWoD!

Methin the Knave

SO my first D&D character was a 5th level human rogue in 3rd ed. I had read the PHB cover to cover and sat in on a few games before a friend of mine help me make the character. I think it was this character that developed my utter loathing of Awful Lawful paladins. I was new to the group which made party interaction a little awkward at first, but what really stands out in my memory was the Paladin Sir Eric and how at every turn this guy was up in Methin's face about "If i see you steal something thief I'll turn you in." or how when ever I stated I was rolling a Slight of hand check he was right there rolling a spot. Oh and he never addressed Methin by name it was always Thief this or thief that and that drove me insane as I constantly reminded him and the DM that he had never once seen me steal anything and when asked I just said i was a mercenary that was good with traps. So this went on for months we had progressed quite far as our Dm basically just handed out levels instead of xp. Finally we headed down into an ancient temple to some forgotten god and the bird dogging had gotten WAY out of hand to the point of madness. I remember one trap we had come across that i had rolled badly to find the trigger. We knew the hall was trapped but had no way of disabling it. This is when Sir Eric decided that the 'Thief' was expendable, grappled my character, and shoved him into the hallway setting off all the traps. If it weren't for a few lucky rolls Methin would have been a grease stain on the wall, as it was he walked away with 5 hp left. The cleric healed me and we pressed on, and i began planning the ultimate demise of Sir Eric. The final room was next and here is the scene. In the center of the room there was a pedestal. Imbedded in the pedestal was a large gem so of course i went to examine it. I pulled out a wand of identify and discovered that this gem was the foci of an anti magic trap that was deactivated. Now i had been reading up on magic items between sessions and had been talking with my friend about this guy and we made a plan. I had acquired both a portable hole and a type 1 bag of holding and my friend told me that if i wanted to tell the DM something that the rest of the party didn't need to know to pass notes. Telling the party the the room was indeed trapped i had suggested that the group back out of the room while i disabled it. The Paladin began his bsing again saying that i should have to roll bluff because the DM had just said that the trap was deactivated to which i countered that I didn't lie as the room was trapped and not disabled merely deactivated making my statement true. The DM agreed and i continued. Passing the DM a note I told him that i was reactivating the Anti-magic field and placing the Portable hole into my bag of holding. I then hammered a piton into the ground and tied myself off just behind the pedestal out of sight. I then signaled for Sir Eric to comeback and see if the coast was clear. He waltzed into the room like he owned the place and I handed him the bag of holding telling him that this was the only bag i found in the room, which he gladly took with the comment ' It is about time you were honest with the treasure thief'. He opened the bag and began looking through it at which point i passed another note to the DM informing him i was Deactivating the field. Opening my DMG to the correct page i showed the DM just what happens when a Portable hole is placed into a bag of holding and sat back to watch the scene play out. For those of you who don't know, when a Portable Hole is placed within a bag of holding and the magic is active it rips open a rift to the astral plane that sucks in anything within 20ft forever loosing anything sucked in. I think there is either a Str check or a save to resist the suction but i don't remember exactly all i do remember is the look on his face when his die rolled a Nat 1. The DM described what had happened, the player rolled a Fail, complained about it not being fair, got pissed, and packed up his things and left. The rest of the group was both stunned and sat there for a good five minutes before my friend turned to me and stated " Remind me to never piss Methin off, Ever." The player didn't comeback for a few weeks and then showed up with a new character. after that i never had any problems with him or his character. we even became friends and the rest of the game he said he wanted to become Methin's bodyguard.

My first character was too long ago for me to remember the details correctly. I think it was an AD&D (1e) elf magic user/thief. My friends and I were more concerned with the
Graph paper got a good workout. Mazes were always our favorite.
map-making and
Mostly random encounters, with a few guards or boss battles
adventuring than with real RPing, so there wasn't much to tell. The character was kind of lame, TBH, but it was a combination of three elements that I desperately wanted to think were cool.

My first character as an adult was when I was first jumping into 3e. I had read through the books I had available, but hadn't yet grasped all the pertinent concepts. I was so bold (misguided) as to ask my DM if I could play an "elven aasimar," thinking that "aasimar" denoted a template rather than a race. I ended up playing an aasimar favored soul with amazing hair and a deep resentment of nobility. Unfortunately, I was a complete mess while playing him. At one point, there was basically a bar bet about who could endure an icy bath the longest. I was having terrific fun RPing my character's reaction to the freezing cold round after round, attempting to "whine stoically" (if that were possible), until my DM smacked me upside the head and reminded me that my character had resistance to cold. And that wasn't my only gaffe. Yeeeeeah...


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