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Small Men in a Big World - Step Forward to Volunteer

Small Men in a Big World - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Small Men in a Big World
A party of halflings sets out to rescue their kidnapped kinsfolk

Current PartyCloven "Guffo" Grainsburry – Lightfoot Protector (Ramrunner)
Altemen Tealeaf – Lightfoot Sun Priest (spazz451)
Camden "Hiccup" Barrowmarch – Lightfoot Protector (noobiegameplayer)
Smythe "Dirtfoot" – Lightfoot Rogue (sixgunninja)
James Lightfingers – Stout Rogue/Thief (Kerim)
Symond Athyew (Abelard) - Stout Sorcerer

Willing to take two more to make a maximum of eight characters.

Note: Playtest 4 is out and all characters will start using those rules now.

Current ApplicantsWIP denotes missing sections or listed as such. Others have all sections though feel free to continue to edit or add to them. I'll review them fully each time I choose players/characters

Barlow "Rabbit" Goodfellow (nolifeonline) - Lightfoot Sharpshooter - WIP
Rathdyn Olmsa - Stout Protector (Gingerbread)

Please let me know if you have added a character and don't see it added to this list within a few days.

Note: This game is taking rolling acceptance. We plan to accept no more than four players by the end of the first week (21st October) and then up to four more before the ad closes. We've decided to accept up to eight players for this game as that should provide more interaction whilst still being manageable.

Game Description:

The small village of Heawold is neither big nor special in any particular way. Whilst not prosperous the halflings who call it home are a generally very content lot. They live their lives busy producing fine wine and food that they enjoy as often as possible and occasionally trade to the dwarves of Nuledzar and the Goblins of Gorbul Town.

The dale they live in is quite safely tucked in between the Mountains to the North and West where little bar dwarves and the occasional grumpy giant live, the crowded trees of Ewnham forest to the East - the domain of Goblins but the have been peaceful for many years, and the cold broken tundra and forests to the south where very little bar tall and ancient trees grow and only the occasional bear roams.

However last night the village was raided. Sengo the sentry was struck from behind and sent tumbling out of his watch tower. The two nurseries-schools were entered and some sort of drugged rag was used on the inhabitants whilst they slept to keep them that way. All of the children around the ages of seven to fifteen and two of the nurses were taken.

Only those children whose turn it was to stay with their parents and those few in the small hospital remained safe.

A small party of villagers sets off to find and return the missing children and the two nurses. None has any illusions about the world outside the village being anything other than scary, unfriendly and outright dangerous. The furthest any of the villagers has been is to the dwarven city of Nuledzarís outer gate or to the edge of the Ewnham forest to trade.

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From the Stat Rolling Thread:
Originally Posted by Cyco View Post
Players may roll once for stats and then either allocate the rolls to ability skills or use the standard array of 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8.

Use the following code to roll your dice

[DICE=Ability Scores]4d6^3 4d6^3 4d6^3 4d6^3 4d6^3 4d6^3[/DICE]
I read that as Roll then chose the Dice or the Array.


Want I am looking for is a specific and strong connection to one or more of those that have gone missing, something that would be known to the other villagers (a simple one would be to have a younger brother/sister). Feel free to create within the bounds of what is already written. ie new NPC's are fine but the general history and specific NPC's are already created so if you use them, and you are welcome to, you can't contradict what is written.

Only the survivor hit point roll was set once rolled with stats you can always fall back n the default set like many of the other characters have done. However playtest 4 has just been released so the survivor hit points bonus is gone replaced by the new feats Durable, Toughness or Resilient at 1st level.

Also your history should demonstrate to the elders that you a tad above the regular villagers. Your built using PC rules for a start.


I have room for two more at this moment and since we taking a short pause whilst we adapt to the latest playtest you still have got a few days to get a character built and submitted here. What I wrote above to Gingerbread applies to everyone. Most important is a strong connection to the missing kids, a demonstrated skill or attitude that would make you a boon on the rescue mission.

Available classes at this point is just the Cleric, Fighter and Rogue.

Oh man, I would love to make a little group of rabble-rousers. 3 kids who for some reason identify with Rathdyn more than the others and walk around like an adorable press gang trying to be cool like him. There is a lot of "dawww" going on in my head right now. Of course one or more of them would be kidnapped.

I'll integrate it into the connection section and do the...*shudder* math of reworking my character sheet when I get home.

Last few days to get your application in.

After chatting with my co-gm we have decided that what the party needs is a serious character or two (like samwise becomes in lotr) that the elders would see as some quite responsible and an easy choice for the party. Already have enough.. eh.. less than responsible.. party members.

What I have written about having a strong connection to the missing still holds.

Nothing specifically needed. We currently have two fighters, two rogues, one cleric and one wizard.

I could make an equally strong case for either another fighter, another rogue or a second cleric.

Over the weekend is fine. My plan is to close this ad and move onto the last part of the 'getting to know each other' thread around Monday morning (Sunday evening in the US).


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