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Corrupt a Wish!

Granted. Everything I am typing appears to be in haiku, but only to your eyes. In fact, everything you read from this point on appears to be in haiku format.

I wish nobody would ever write haiku.

Granted. Nobody actually does write anything in haiku, but you still see haiku in every piece of writing.

I wish to have the ability to fly by flapping my arms quickly.

Granted. Rich in troubles, wealthy in pain, and lucrative in loss.

I wish for the perfect Pandora station.

Granted. It is never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.

I wish for all broadcast cable news channels to be hijacked to rickroll their audiences 24/7.

Granted. It lasts exactly 24 minutes, 7 seconds, but it does affect every single cable news organization in the world. It ends with nuclear fire.

I wish to survive Rick-rollpocalypse.

Granted. You have survived, along with Justin Bieber and the Cash Me Ousside girl. How about dah?

I wish for autotune to disappear forever.

Granted. The technology disappears with the majority of humanity in nuclear fire in the Rick-rollpocalypse.

I wish to have an empire after the Rick-rollpocalypse, one with hookers, and, and blackjack, and blow!

Granted. You live in an Empire State (what's left of it), populated mostly with fishermen (they use hooks). All you do is play blackjack. Or, at least try to, since the wind is blowing ALL THE TIME. Even indoors, somehow.

I wish for my snow drive home to be safe and uneventful tonight.

Granted, but every time you drive or ride in a vehicle of any type, starting tomorrow, the travel is INCREDIBLY eventful, with near-crashes, skidding, and constant heart-stopping danger. You don't seem to get into more actual accidents than you did before the wish, you just have a LOT more eventful trips from now on.

I wish to prepare the perfect french toast for breakfast.

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