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An initiative system optimally suited for PbP?

That's why I prefer to let fast PCs go first, then monsters, then the other PCs (and the fast PCs again). Group init, but it still means that if you're fast enough to beat the monsters, you're not dragged down by your party (important for a rogue, say, who makes use of flat-footedness) or vice versa.

combat is important, and so are using tactics involved around the initiative score. On important battles I will have the PC post according to their initiative with the option of asking for a scene update before they post. Combat kills and if a player ran out into the battle field before the super fast wizard with a quicken spell dropped a fire ball because the other guy posted first, then its probably gonna need some DM
i.e, just make stuff up
magic to make all the characters actions fit.

granted it does slow things down a bit, but again combat can kill their characters.

That's some serious thread resurrection you pulled there, Tsunami.

I use a 'ready-go' method. Similar to some systems stated here and meant to keep things moving in a PbP format. Goes like this:

1. Bad guys show up, DM rolls initiative for
however you wish- I use different inits for different kinds of bad guys ie the goblin chief has a different init than the regular goblins
enemy AND the party. Post the initiative order.

2. Players that go back-to-back can post in any order (whoever is ready).

It helps to keep things moving, and I've encountered very few issues with the timing of spells/effects/conditions etc.

Here's a recent example:

Thread necromancy isn't against the site rules here. Carry on.

Originally Posted by Mordae View Post
Thread necromancy isn't against the site rules here. Carry on.
Oh, I know, but I'm not going to let that stop me from making some wicked cheesy jokes.


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